Thursday, June 19, 2008

Scattered Memories....

For today's Thinking Back Thursday I thought I'd share a few little scattered memories instead of a big long story.....

If my elementary school hadn't been torn down and rebuilt....I could take you to the exact spot I was standing when I had the thought......

"Oh I can't wait until I can pick out my own clothes!"
(4th grade...standing right in front of the classroom door....wearing navy blue slacks and a sweater with matching socks....thanks mom!)

"I am sooo old (as in grown up) now!"
(2nd grade....standing outside in front of Mrs. Huson's door)

I was a "champion" over the years.....

In 5th grade I was the reigning tether ball champion

In 3rd grade I was the reigning "snowball" champion (a snowball was when you bent over the bar, wrapped you arms around your legs and propelled yourself in a circle.....I could do over 100 in a row!)

In 7th grade I was the reigning foosball champion

Random things I participated in over the years.....

I took square dancing for about 4-5 years

In 4th grade I did tininkiling. What? You don't know what tininkiling is? Check out this video (it's not of me...I just got it off the web!) Oh and the video is kinda don't need to watch the whole thing!

Tininkiling anyone?


  1. It is funny you did this this week. . all the things we never knew about you are fascinating. Just this week Rob and I were trying to think of all the things we could remember about being in 4th grade since we now officially have a fourth grader!

    I remebered way more than he did. . .but then I remember strange things, like the dot on the calender for my groups' show and tell day was green! Or that Mrs. Applegate (the music teacher) had long press on nails she would drum on her stand the whole time we were in her class. . .I was jealous of her long pink nails! Okay, I'm done, cuz I could go on a while. . .

  2. You forgot to mention the steel drums. I mean you went to Japan for that! I was so jealous- ha ha! Not! Tinikling was always fun. It's hilarious in the video to hear the roar of the crowd, when they change moves. Like it's really that hard! Love ya-


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