Thursday, June 12, 2008

Puppy Love....

First I just gotta tell ya'll that I'm having fun with thinking back thursday! ya'll should do it! Now onto the story...."Puppy Love"

My kindergarten teacher's name was Mrs. Frazier. She was an older teacher who was just really sweet. I have lots of memories from kindergarten. I remember making candles, dressing up like pilgrims, my grandparents walking me to school on the first day....good times. The memory that stands out to me the MOST though is the memory of one certain classmate, Brent McCormick. I don't remember "the moment" we met or anything like that. I just remember that he is who I played with at recess on the tire swing everyday. Believe it or not there were many days that we would come home from school and talk to each other on the phone. He was also the ONLY boy that was at my birthday party. He got me skateboard Barbie. It was puppy love for sure!

The summer after kindergarten I went on a trip to California to visit my Nanny and Papa (my grandparents). I ended up having so much fun that I kept asking to stay longer and I think I was there for like 5 weeks or something (I'm not exagerating either). I've got great memories from that summer too. My Nanny and Papa managed an apartment complex and so there were always lots of interesting people to meet and talk to. Every morning I would wake up, go downstairs and there would be a tv tray sitting in front of the couch with my breakfast on it. My Nanny and I always watched "Alice" together and our favorite saying was, "kiss my grits." I remember going fishing with my Papa and being scared because I had a dream about a shark the night before. Oh, and atari. I played donkey kong! I will always remember sitting close to the TV and starring in AWE as I watched Princess Diana get married in that LOOOONG wedding dress. Last but not least...I'll spare you the details from the memory of the night I was an "unexpected guest" in my grandparents bedroom (if you know what I mean!)
During those weeks I would of course talk to my parents and my mom would often tell me that Brent had called again. Hey, this was back when long distance was expensive and cell phones didn't exist so there was no way I could talk to him. I missed him though.

After all those weeks of fun it was time to head home. My Aunt and Uncle took me on the long drive home. I'm sure I was only home for a day or two when I called Brent. No answer. Each day I would call and each answer. School finally started and Brent was not in my class but during roll call the teacher called out his twin brother's name. But his brother wasn't there. Out at recess I looked for Brent but couldn't find him. Each day went by and there was no sign of him. Finally I found out that he and his family had moved away, but nobody knew where they had moved to. He was gone and I had no way to reach him. It hit me that all those phone calls he kept making he was trying to reach me....he wanted to let me know he was leaving, but he never got to tell me. I never saw him again.

Oh Brent McCormick from Eisenhower Elementary....where did you go? Are you out there? Is your wife out there in blogland reading this? I'm rather curious... Where did you move to? What's going on in your life? I guess as always, it will continue to remain a mystery.


  1. Any boy that would by you skateboard Barbie is awesome already! Great entry, enjoyable to read. I hope you get to reconnect and say hi to Brent. Now kiss my grits...just kidding.

  2. You were allowed to talk on the phone at such a young age. Let Emily call some boys. I think she's ready. You turned out all right!

  3. This same thing happened to me! Only in fourth grade and his name was Danny Hileman. He was the first boy to "ask me out". Mostly he just followed me around the playground and sat with me on the bus. That's Han and Em NEXT year! Yikes.

  4. AAAHHH. Yes, I had one too. Jessie. Wherever did he go?

  5. so sad :(. I hope you do manage to reach him somehow. I mean, a boy who gives you Skateboard Barbie should probably be your friend for life!

  6. I wish I could do thinking back thursday but my poor memory sucks. I think it is early signs of alzheimers. Know if I don't comment it is simply because of wv. I HATE IT!!! My word this time: sbjpvkyx


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