Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I neglected to post....

My brave girl getting her ears pierced....

My basketball player.....

My little football player....

My Late (again) DI-EIGHT update

week 2:

I spent week 2 out of Las Vegas helping my sister get ready to move. I was REALLY good with my food all week until....the final night. We went to Claim Jumpers for dinner. It was DeLIciOuS!!

I felt good because I even got in a couple 44+ minute walks! No exercises though.

I'm still hanging out at about a 6 pound loss. Some days 7..then back to 6. One thing I've been really good about...not eating after 8pm. It's soooo hard, but I think it's worth it. Anything I ate after 8pm before was only JUNK that I did not need to be eating.

so how about those of you who are joining me? How's the progress??

food tip: if you are missing pasta.....try spaghetti squash. It's yummy with your favorite tomato/meat based pasta sauce!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon & Kate

I watched the latest episode of Jon & Kate +8. It was sad. I wanted to reach through the TV screen and yell at them and squeeze their necks until they listened. "DON'T JUST BE THERE FOR YOUR KIDS...BE THERE FOR EACH OTHER!!!"

Being there for your kids is not going to bring any sort of healing or restoration to your marriage. You really want to be there for your kids? The BEST thing you can do for your kids.....FOCUS ON RESTORING YOUR MARRIAGE!!

It was sad to see them not get it. I hope they get it soon! I hope they will transfer their focus from the kids to each other. So many marriages get this priority WRONG! Your spouse and your marriage should come BEFORE your children.

Monday, May 25, 2009

A Humble Thank You

Thanks to all those military men and women out there who are bravely fighting for our freedom each day. The sacrifices that you and your families are making are not lost on me! I am truly appreciative of what you do.
May God Bless you and keep you safe!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dance-Slumber Party Details

The Invitation.....

The Gift CD (with all the music from the dance party!)
The Birthday girl....

The Sweet Treats & Party Decor.....

I had the girls help me with the dipping and sprinkles on the cupcake pops! It was a fun activity~!
The little cupcake bites and cupcake pops were inspired by Bakerella.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Busy....quick DI-EIGHT Upadate

super busy working on the party and getting ready! just under 2 hours until all those girls show up! But I forgot to do my DI-EIGHT update yesterday.

In a nutshell...I did my walking and my excercises. I held true to NOT eating after 8pm. I SUCKED on drinking my water! (I'm so bad at that)
The scale told me that I've lost 6 pounds!! Yipee!! Now...let's get something straight about the reason for that...I PIGGED OUT on mom's day weekend. So a couple of that was definitely "intestinal"! (sorry that's gross..but true) when I weighed in Monday morning I was still stuffed from the day before!'s going well!
let's see if I can resist the cupcakes and sweets at the party tonight~!!

what about you??? For those of you doing it to...what kind of results are you seeing?

oh...and I'm very SORE!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Save the Drama for Your Mama!

I'm planning a birthday party...a SLUMBER PARTY for my 10 year old daughter! We have invited like 14 girls or something like that! Why did I label this post "save the drama for your mama!" BECAUSE I REMEMBER slumber parties at that age! So I am going to be wearing a t-shirt that night that says "save the drama for your mama!" It will be perfect! *sidenote...when I was that age my parents would let me have sleepovers with like 25 girls...BLESS THEM!

I have so much to do but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a couple thingsI have planned. The invitations and some goodies!

here is the invite we sent out...

here are some of the Cupcake Pop goodies I'm planning to make which are inspired by Bakerella.....

Cupcake Pops

stay tuned for more!~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The DI-EIGHT Plan - Week One

Ok is the day! I don't know about you, but after all the food I ate on mother's day weekend...I'm ready! I was having dinner with my folks the other day and my dad said I should call it my DI-EIGHT plan! I thought that was pretty clever. Thanks Dad!

A few of you have decided that you are going to take this journey with me. I'm so excited to have some partners in crime! I hope that we will be able to encourage each other. I'm posting this late Sunday night...but I'm going to wake up in the morning and get on the scale. Am I going to post my weight...or make you post yours? NO! I'm not THAT CRAZY! But I will be posting my progress each week. Hopefully it will be downward progress! I think it would be great if you would comment about your progress as well! The normal day for progress reports will actually be FRIDAYS. So my first report will be this Friday...true it's not a full week. But I just like Fridays better than Mondays!

I tried to include video intstructions for most of the excercises. Some of them are super cheezy! Sorry!



Daily Calorie Intake - Not to exceed 1288 calories per day
Daily Protein Intake - 88 grams (minimum) with an ultimate goal of 108 grams
Don't eat ANYTHING after 8pm
8 - 8oz. glasses of water


5 Days a week:

-88 crunches OR try this 8 minute ab workout video

CARDIO WORKOUTS: Choose an option that works best for you!
OPTION 1: 44 minutes on the treadmill (walk/run)
OPTION 2: Daily work and Walk - 88 minutes (minimum) for people like me who can walk on their treadmill while they work on their computer
OPTION 3: Any cardio based workout video that is 30 minutes or longer
OPTION 4: 8 week Beginning Running Program found here:,7120,s6-380-381--9397-1-1X5-3,00.html

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alternating Days (Different Muscle Groups)

-8 sets of 8 lunges (4 sets per leg)
-44 LBTs - 22 per leg - (Leg, Butt, Thigh) (view instructions here)
88 - Standing Calf Raises (44 per leg) (view instructions here)

OR try this lower body workout (Sorry about the end of the's a bit obnoxious!)

-4+4=8 upper body exercises (4 exercises - 4 sets - of 8 reps)
-push ups
-tricep dips (view instructions here)
-bicep curls
-standing upright-row (view instructions here)

**Don't forget to stretch!**

People...I'm no doctor. I'm not a nutritionist. I'm not a trainer. Let's be clear about that. I'm just telling you what I'm planning to do. Make it work for you...and let me know how it goes!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

Enjoy the weekend....because the diet plan kicks into gear on Monday ladies!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My EIGHTCRAZY Diet Plan....

I'm trying to come up with some motivation to get back to my walking, eating right...basically doing what I need to be doing! So in my mind I've been trying to come up with an "EightCrazy Diet" of sorts. Here's what I'm thinking...but I'm looking for some ideas and input (be creative!)



Daily Calorie Intake - Not to exceed 1288 calories per day
Daily Protein Intake - 88 grams (minimum) with an ultimate goal of 108 grams
Don't eat ANYTHING after 8pm

5 Days a week:
Daily work and Walk - 88 minutes (minimum)
Daily exercises
-88 crunches
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alternating Days (Different Muscle Groups)

-8 sets of 8 lunges (4 sets per leg)
-88 leg lifts for inner thigh
-44 per leg (4 sets of 11 each)
-88 leg lifts for outer thigh
-44 per leg (4 sets of 11 each)

-4+4=8 upper body exercises (4 exercises - 4 sets - of 8 reps)
-push ups
-tricep dips
-bicep curls
-standing row


So, what do you think? Any suggestions on how to improve it, but still keep it EIGHTCRAZY?
Anybody want to try it with me? I know most of you don't work and instead of 88 about 44

Let me know your thoughts...I need to get my but in gear and I'm looking for some support and some partners in crime! Let's see what we can accomplish in 8 weeks. Once I get some feedback I will pick a KICKOFF date!