Friday, May 30, 2008

Held Tightly in the Arms of Jesus!

Today I just wanted to take time to honor my sweet niece... Hazel Hope. It was a year ago today that what we thought was going to be her birthday ended up being the day that she went home to heaven. We KNOW that she is being held tightly in the arms of Jesus and we are thankful for the peace and comfort that brings. We will never for get her sweet little face and precious little fingers and toes (those are actually her feet in the pic above). We will also never forget how her life and death drew us closer to our Lord, and deepened our faith in him.

Tool Belts, Hair Cuts and Paint!

So remember my "worst mother of the year award" and how my son said I would owe him something special? Well, I totally scored big points with the something special that I bought him!! I got him a tool belt. He is always going over to the house and watching his Dad and Uncle work and then coming into the house trying to find things to put on to look like them. So I figured he'd like to have a tool belt like them...and I was right! After I gave it to him and we were in the car on the way home he was sitting there with it in his lap and said, "this is the best day of my whole life!"
So I'm gonna say I evened out the scales with that one.

How cute is that!!!

We recently gave my son a haircut as well. He said he wanted a mohawk. My husband obliged for the initial cut......

But then he said he wanted it to be skinnier and we told him that it was soooo skinny you could "barely" see it! (wink wink)

Why the long face you it's not because the mohawk is gone (he thinks it is still there!) It is because nearly everytime we cut his hair one of his fabulously talented parents ends up nicking him on the back of the ear!

oh my poor boy!!

In other news around here there has been painting going on! Here is the unveiling of the outside paint colors (stonework still needs to be done and the doors have not been painted yet).

paint colors: Parker Paint
trim: radiant white chocolate
body: traffic (color life paint line)
gables: exile (color life paint line)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Please pray for the family of Steven Curtis Chapman

I took this from Lulaville...

Please lift up the family of Steven Curtis Chapman (a contemporary Christian artist, for those of you not familiar with him), as his youngest daughter, Maria Sue, age 5, was accidentally killed yesterday. Steven's son did not see his little sister in driveway and she was struck by his Toyota Land Cruiser. His wesbite has more information, as well as a link to a precious video of Maria:

I cannot even begin to fathom what this family is going through, especially Maria Sue's big brother. I'm sure the family covets our prayers during this most difficult time.

Steven currently has an enormous hit with his song, "Cinderella," which is about watching his daughters grow. How bittersweet.

America GOT IT RIGHT!!!

David Cook is the winner! I'm soooooo glad he won!

Another install....'Tis Lulaville Ya'll

Just did a blog design for a Southern Georgia Peach who has been transplanted! Take a trip to Lulaville ya'll.....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Spotted.....The Painted House

I did a couple more blog designs recently.
just-spotted is a blog focusing on "Real Moms. Real Lives. Real Finds. The Real O.C." It's a blog that's just getting up and run on over and check it out!

Then I did one for Angela over at The Painted House. She is a talented artist and we used her artwork to create her blog look. Angela and her family are currently celebrating her husbands "CANCER FREE" test results! So head on over to The Painted House and join in on the celebration!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Worst Mother of the Year!

It's official. I've given myself this award today because I earned it! I woke up today and got my daughter off to school. Then it was off to the store with my son to get him a sparkling white t-shirt to wear in his school program. we got the t-shirt and headed to the school. when we got to the doors they were locked. we jiggled them a bit and a secretary came to the doors with a funny look on her face. She said, "there is no school today." I said, "I know, we are here for the program." She said, "the program was yesterday."
So on my son's last year of preschool and his final preschool program.....we missed it! Because of me and not being aware enough and paying good enough attention to all the little papers that come back in his folder! I honestly thought it was today and that there was no school today BECAUSE the programs were today. WRONG!!! Oh, I'm feeling like a total loser right now. My son was disappointed, and he's already smart enough at his young age to say, "mom, you owe me something special now!" Smart kid!

So, here is my award! I earned it today!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Did I ever mention......

.....that I was NOT raised in the "country" but that I've lived in the "country" for the last ten years since I've been married. In our first home we lived down this long gravel driveway and one of the neighbors who lived at the top of the road had emu, chickens, and a big fat black pig. There would be days when the pig would get out and I'd have to sit on the road in my car waiting for the pig to move. I'd be thinking to myself "where am I and whose life am I living right now?"

In my last house we had room for some livestock ourselves. We didn't have any of our own, but at one point we let some friends cows come and graze in our field for about 4-5 months. Well, this one time the cows somehow got out of the field and into our actual yard. I was on the phone desperately trying to reach my hubby as I was running around my yard trying to corral the cows. It was quite a site.

Now we are building our third house and currently living in our shop during the process. Since we've been here I have had a mouse in my car and a.........

SNAKE in my living area!!!!!!

So, again I ask..."whose life am I living?" Guess it's mine! And it never seems to be boring! (this was like a month ago, but I'm a deliquent blogger lately)

ok, I must confess that this snake was only about 7 inches long, so I put on the big zoom lens and got a good shot so that ya'll would think it was REALLY BIG!!! Did it work?

And thank you to my neighbor boy...BD.....for coming over and "saving the day" for me!!

The Barbour Shop

I did my most recent design for a beautiful family.....The Barbour Family. They are currently hoping to adopt another child, so please keep them in your prayers and hop on over for a little blog visit to The Barbour Shop....

Monday, May 12, 2008

Vintage Floral

I've got a new design up ....I'm calling it Vintage Floral......take a look at

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Much awaited.....House Progress

ok, I know it's been awhile since I've posted house progress pictures and info. But to be quite and electrical just isn't that exciting!! Hopefully these pics will give you a little idea of the feel of the house layout.

The above picture shows the fireplace wall in the family room. There will be built-ins on both sides. The cabinetry for those built-ins will be painted cream. The perspective here is coming from the hallway that leads to the kids bedrooms, mudroom, laundry, and guest bath.

This pic is of the family room from the perspective of the front entry. You can see the 2 sets of french doors which lead out to the covered back porch. To the left you see an opening in the wall which is the pass thru to the kitchen. The kitchen sink will be just on the other side of that. Further back you see the entrance that leads into the kitchen nook. You can see it in this picture, but past the nook is the media/rec room. The fireplace wall pictured above is the wall to the right wich is not in this pic. You can see the

The above pic is taken from the perspective of the corner in the family room between the fireplace wall and french doors. You can see the space where the double door entry will be towards the back of the pic. Just next to that you can see an entrance into a room which is the den/guest room which will have a murphy bed in it. To the right you see the kitchen pass thru again. that little nook going into the hallway will house a built in desk and bench. It will also house the computer the kids will be allowed to go online on's visible from both the family room and the kitchen.

This pic will give you idea of a little bit of my planned color scheme. These are pillows from my master bedroom bedding. and then you can see the large paint samples that show the color of the room. Cream trim with a blue/green paint color.

That's it for now!

Fresh & Fun

I have a new pre-designed blog up for sale! Check it out at

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mindless Junque

I'm excited to share my most recent blog design with ya'll. It's for Heather over at Mindless Junque. Her style was fun to work with. So, if you feel like being a little mindless head on over there and check it out!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

My NEW Blog!

There have been a lot of commonly asked questions about how my blog design process works and I end up typing the same thing over and over. So I created a new blog that answers the question. Check it out at

Design Jobs! YEAH!

WOW! That last post had some interesting comments. Gee...maybe I should post controversial topics a bit more often. At least it caused some of ya'll to put your fingers to the keyboard! I've been a little comment lonely lately =( .....ok, so I'm beggin'....just a little!! LOL

Maybe the next one should be......OPRAH and the whole "A new Earth" thing she's preaching! I'll just say this....I no longer watch her show. I'll decide later if I want to elaborate or not.

Until then.....I've got a few design jobs going on right now. I wanted to share my most recent one that I completed with you........ The Romero Diaries