Friday, May 30, 2008

Tool Belts, Hair Cuts and Paint!

So remember my "worst mother of the year award" and how my son said I would owe him something special? Well, I totally scored big points with the something special that I bought him!! I got him a tool belt. He is always going over to the house and watching his Dad and Uncle work and then coming into the house trying to find things to put on to look like them. So I figured he'd like to have a tool belt like them...and I was right! After I gave it to him and we were in the car on the way home he was sitting there with it in his lap and said, "this is the best day of my whole life!"
So I'm gonna say I evened out the scales with that one.

How cute is that!!!

We recently gave my son a haircut as well. He said he wanted a mohawk. My husband obliged for the initial cut......

But then he said he wanted it to be skinnier and we told him that it was soooo skinny you could "barely" see it! (wink wink)

Why the long face you it's not because the mohawk is gone (he thinks it is still there!) It is because nearly everytime we cut his hair one of his fabulously talented parents ends up nicking him on the back of the ear!

oh my poor boy!!

In other news around here there has been painting going on! Here is the unveiling of the outside paint colors (stonework still needs to be done and the doors have not been painted yet).

paint colors: Parker Paint
trim: radiant white chocolate
body: traffic (color life paint line)
gables: exile (color life paint line)


  1. The house looks so small from this angle. Hard to imagine that there are over 3,000 square feet somewhere in there. I do like the white chocolate, although I prefer DARK chocolate. Lol!!

  2. As far as the hair cut goes, the mohawk had way more personality. C'mon atleast for the summer!

  3. He is looking so old...just like a little man. Loved those pics of him and I am glad you redeemed yourself. word verification: hsginoib

  4. What a great idea giving your son a tool belt. I'll have to tuck that idea away and remember to do that for my Hunter boy.


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