Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Chic Design....

I've got another new design up at

Friday, March 28, 2008

Shabby & Chic Blog Design For Sale.....

Check out for my latest blog design that's for sale!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There's a MOUSE in my CAR!!

No, that is not the title of a children's book....there was really a mouse in my car!!

Imagine that you are driving your kids to school in the morning. You are about 2 minutes from home when you see something come out from under the passenger seat and then go right back under it. You push on the break to see if that "something" will roll forward doesn't. Then you notice that there is a box of tissue on the floor and next to the tissue are TONS of TINY little pieces of tissue all over the floor! You realize...IT'S A MOUSE! You say, "oh my gosh!" Your daughter asks what's wrong and you calmly say, "nothing." You pull your left leg up onto your seat and proceed to drive with your tip toe! You continue to look (constantly) at the passenger side floor. You know you can't freak out because if you do...your kids will. Now you have to stop and pick up another kid who you drive each day. When you stop you see the mouse again! Your daughter keeps asking what's wrong and you say that you'll tell her later. At this point you have three kids in the back seat and the mouse is under the passenger seat. You hope and pray that it doesn't go out the back because if it does.....all heck is gonna break loose with the kids! By this point you have seen the mouse tail and you are flashing back to Disneyland at the "honey I shrunk the kids" ride where the "mouse tails" whip around and slap your ankles....and all you can think is...PLEASE DON'T LET ME FEEL THAT FEELING RIGHT NOW!!!
You finally arrive at the school. As the kids are getting out of the car you see the mouse again! You drive straight to your brother-in-law's house because he lives closer to the school than anyone else you know!! He comes out to the car, but you don't see the mouse. He also proceeds to tell you about all the possible places the mouse could be hiding!!
You call your husband and tell him. Luckily he was already on his way to home depot, so he picks up some traps. There is one still have to get in your car and drive it home! so you convince the one remaining child to get in the car with you and you again drive with one leg pulled up and your tip toe!
Long story wake up the next morning and your hubby tells you that the mouse has been caught! You want proof....and he shows you! Yeah!!! You can drive your car again!

Our only guess for how it got in there was from moving boxes that I transported in my car....which means it had been in there for at least a week!! GROSS!!!

I'll spare you the dead mouse picture that I took!!

In the meantime...I installed another blog this week.....One Wired Woman

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pretty little blue bird.......

Ok, so remember the blue bird design that was for sale that I sold? Well it has been installed at it's new owners blog home.....Linda at Restyled Home! If you are a Restyled Home regular you'll know that it fits her perfectly! I think this is my favorite blog that I've designed! Go check it out!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Someday I will have enough time to do everything I need to! But lately time has been something I haven't had a lot of. So here is an update since I've been a bit of a neglectful blogger:

Father/Daughter Dance

My hubby and his SECOND BEST girl (I'm the FIRST!) went to the annual F/D dance that a local organization puts on. They had a blast! She came home showing me all the dances she hand jive and Thriller. I think the organizers of the dance should sell dvd's of the footage of all the men dancing with their daughters. All of us moms would pay big bucks to see them doing the hand jive and the macarena! The theme this year was "A Night in Paris" and we found the perfect dress and shoes (on MAJOR clearance!!! BONUS!!) I love this tradition. It's the second year they have gone and my daughter looks forward to it sooo much! She loves the moment when her dad first sees her all dressed up!

My son and I made a date night out of it as well. I tried to wear jeans and he told me I had to wear a dress because it was a date. Then after I had the dress on he chose where to eat...basically it was equal to eating at Taco Bell. A local little mexican joint. He told me they have fancy food there. (the total bill was $5.84) So then we went to see "Horton Hears a Who" and splurged for dessert with a trip to Cold Stone!! Yumm!

The House
This picture is about a week old. The roofing is now completed and they are beginning the siding process. The windows have been ordered.
We've recently "won" a few items off of ebay for our kitchen, like a microwave and range. So that's two more decisions taken care of!
We are waiting for a final cabinet bid to come and and then we'll be making those decisions.
Here is the bathroom cabinet that I LOVE the look of and hope to replicate in my guest and kids' bathrooms....

Where we are living...
Here are a couple pics of the "living room" in the shop. FifthWheel/Shop life is good. I only have two complaints....I'm cold a lot and when I blow dry my hair the power goes out in the fifth wheel! But other than that it's going really well. We were at my in-laws today for easter and we watched the new people move into our old house...WEIRD!!

The kids have a place of their own in one of the trees on the property. We made a little "ground fort" and I gave them a little chair to sit on. It's a pretty sorry excuse for a fort. We'll have to work on that!!

Where we are going...
We are heading to the sunshine for spring break!! I can't WAIT! I need a week that is basically decision free so I can come back rested and ready to make all the decisions for the new house! Packing and moving is exhausting!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

He Is Risen.....and I am Saved!

"For God so loved the world, that he gave His only begotten Son, and whom ever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life." John 3:16

Salvation is a gift......God offers it freely to ANYONE......because His Son has already paid the price.....all YOU have to do is accept it!

Happy Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bye Bye Home!

So it's official....we no longer own the house that we called home for the last 5 years. We took the kids to the house Sunday night just to say goodbye. We had a big family hug in the middle of the family room and the kids each got a little silly and kissed their bedroom walls and floor goodbye.

I never did get emotional. I guess I let go long ago knowing that we would be leaving eventually. We had some memorable times there as a family though. So goodbye sweet house, we hope the new family will enjoy many wonderful memories as well.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

What a Relief!

The old house is finally completely empty and all cleaned......oh wait, there is still one thing there.....the kid's trampoline! We still have to go and get that. So if you see a truck with a trailer on the back and a trampoline attached to it driving down the road you better move out of the way because we will be what you call a WIDE LOAD coming down the road!!!

But beyond the trampoline it just feels so good to have all of that done and the pressure off. We close on Monday!!! We met one of the new owners today. He was very nice. It will be weird to drive by the house and know that we can't go in. (we will drive by often since my hubby's parents live next door to it) I haven't had any time in the midst of the chaos to even think about leaving the house. People keep asking me if I'm emotional, but honestly I've been so busy and overwhelmed with everything that had to be done that I haven't had the time to stop and think about it. Maybe it will hit me next week....maybe not. We'll see.

The roofing is being put on the new house. Windows are being ordered. The process of picking things out will soon begin. I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet. I'm still recovering from the move and frankly don't want to have to make another decision or answer another question for a month......but that's not gonna happen! Let the stress begin.....I mean continue!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A New Design is Up.....

New design for sale at ........

Taffy Talk

Check out the most recent blog design that I did. This was not a pre-designed one. It was a specialized and personalized one that I did for the sisters over at Taffy Talk......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Connected!

Well, I'm sitting here inside the shop on my couch with my husbands laptop in my lap. In front of me I see my entertainment center with the TV in it. The entertainment center is sitting in front of the 5th wheel right next to the door. Next to the door is the laundry bag sorter and two zip up wardrobes for hanging clothes storage. On the other side of the TV are two enclosed metal shelving units which house pantry items and extra toiletry items. Directly behind me is my desk which will soon house my computer now that I know for sure that I'm connected. Behind me and to the left a bit is my washer and dryer and soon hopefully a fridge so that I can actually have cold items that go beyond salad dressing which is what the small little fridge in the 5th wheel is mostly full of at the moment. I even created a little play area for my kids. You know how a 5th wheel has that part that sticks out up high in front with nothing under it.....that's where the play area is for them. It's very quaint. I will take some pics soon and show ya'll my new digs.

All and all I can't complain. After going to Nicaragua and seeing the way people live there, I'm living in a mansion! A little perspective is good sometimes!

I've been WAY to busy to do any blog designing as of late. I still have a ton to do around here to get things in order instead of functioning chaos. Not to mention I still have some things to do at the old house before we close!

Oh, and just a little side note.....why is it so stinkin' hard to pick an exterior color? I have no problem picking interior colors, but I HATE picking exterior. It's so permanent! It totally stresses me out!

Monday, March 10, 2008

We Moved!

Sorry, still no pics as my life continues to be a bit crazy right now. We successfully moved the house, and at the end of this week we will move the office. We've spent two nights in the 5th wheel now. I'm having my "camping syndrome" as I like to call it.....which means I have to get up and pee several times a night. I NEVER do that normally, but I ALWAYS do it when we are camping! Looks like the 5th wheel is playing games with my mind! I still have the computer over at the old house and I check it when I stop by to grab a couple more things. But I'll have it up and running at the new place in a couple days! (Thanks Steve!)

I'm off to run all my errands and then I need to work on getting more organized at "home."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Calgon......Take me away!".......please!!!!!

I've reached that point in packing where I think I could lose it at any given moment. I'm numb. Wandering around looking at the chaos that is my house and having so much to do that I don't know what to do next! I find myself zoning out way too often.

I don't know what I would do without my mom. She has been awesome. I have a picture of her helping, but that would require that I actually get my camera and download the pics.....not gonna happen at this moment in time. So, sorry Mom, no blog pic today....just a huge blog THANK YOU!!!!

Well, I'm sure there is something else I should be doing right I'd better go!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"It was just time for a change"

Those were my daughter's words in regards to her new haircut. I took her in to get a few inches cut off and she kept saying, "you can go shorter!" Which totally shocked me.

Here is how long her hair was before.....
And here is how short it is now.......

ok mom (my mom)....deep breath.....I can see your hands covering your eyes, and I can hear your gasp from here! She likes it and it was TOTALLY her that said, "go shorter!" She was cracking me up in the car after the cut on the way home. She was saying that she liked her long hair too, but it was just time for a change. And she was very excited to see how her classmates would react. Her best little bud in class thought it was very cute and wanted to go home and tell her mom she wanted her hair cut too!

From my perspective I say more tangles to brush out! It's so much easier when it's shorter!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've been a busy Girl!!

I've been a busy girl with packing, blog designing, and old friends in town! My friend Beckie was in town for a visit. It was great to see her face to face and not just blog to blog! She is very creative you must check her out if you haven't already!

Work at the house and shop has continued to move quickly. We will be moving into the shop this weekend! So I've been packing packing packing!!!
This is a view of our new home from the back and up on the hill. It gives you an idea of the little valley we will be living in soon!
This is the back of the house again.
This is how the interior of the shop was looking towards the end of last week
This is my hubby's new offices which are attached to the shop. You can see the two doors going into the individual offices as well as the little storage closet, the space for the wetbar, the door going into the bathroom and on the far right the door going out into the shop itself.

I've also been busy blog designing! Make sure to check out my latest designs!!

We still aren't sure what we are doing for an internet connection when we move. The regular options aren't available, so we are thinking we have to go to a satellite option. I just hope we get it figured out soon!!! I'm nervous about the slower speeds...grrrr