Thursday, March 13, 2008

Taffy Talk

Check out the most recent blog design that I did. This was not a pre-designed one. It was a specialized and personalized one that I did for the sisters over at Taffy Talk......


  1. Hi Shannon, We love our blog design! You did a great job. Good luck with moving. Thanks so much, Corrie, Quilt Taffy

  2. Super Cute!!!
    I keep meaning to ask if you want to put a "blog designed by" link on mine??? Feel free to add it...I would love to help promote your design business.

  3. SO pretty!! I can't wait for mine...I'm itching for the makeover!!


  4. Thank you so much for "saving" my buddy Corrie! I got her sucked into the same blog design mess I was in--and you came to the rescue for us both! LOVE her blog. It looks just like her :)!


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