Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Connected!

Well, I'm sitting here inside the shop on my couch with my husbands laptop in my lap. In front of me I see my entertainment center with the TV in it. The entertainment center is sitting in front of the 5th wheel right next to the door. Next to the door is the laundry bag sorter and two zip up wardrobes for hanging clothes storage. On the other side of the TV are two enclosed metal shelving units which house pantry items and extra toiletry items. Directly behind me is my desk which will soon house my computer now that I know for sure that I'm connected. Behind me and to the left a bit is my washer and dryer and soon hopefully a fridge so that I can actually have cold items that go beyond salad dressing which is what the small little fridge in the 5th wheel is mostly full of at the moment. I even created a little play area for my kids. You know how a 5th wheel has that part that sticks out up high in front with nothing under it.....that's where the play area is for them. It's very quaint. I will take some pics soon and show ya'll my new digs.

All and all I can't complain. After going to Nicaragua and seeing the way people live there, I'm living in a mansion! A little perspective is good sometimes!

I've been WAY to busy to do any blog designing as of late. I still have a ton to do around here to get things in order instead of functioning chaos. Not to mention I still have some things to do at the old house before we close!

Oh, and just a little side note.....why is it so stinkin' hard to pick an exterior color? I have no problem picking interior colors, but I HATE picking exterior. It's so permanent! It totally stresses me out!


  1. Sounds lovely there ;)! I'm glad you had room beyond the 5th wheel to "expand" a bit. It sounds very functional and will make you appreciate your completed home all the more. As a designer, I can only recommend choosing exterior colors from pre-chosen combinations you find at the paint store. I would even ask your painter what he would recommend as he understands your region/lighting etc.. I've seen people make horrible mistakes when they go off and choose from random swatches on their own. And it's not like changing your interior paint! If you can't decide, choose a few and have them paint sample patches until you decide. Alright--there's your free and unsolicited advice!

    Thanks so much for the well wishes. That's what I really came over to say!

    Take care!

  2. I don't know how you decide on half of the things you do but they always look great so I'm sure you'll come up with a color that doesn't make your neighbors want to puke each time they pull into their drive... :)

  3. Well, our neighbors down the street DID pick a color that makes us want to puke every time we come up the street. This awful orange creamsicle color. It looks like a retirement neighborhood. So my only advice is don't pick, orange creamsicle. ;)

  4. Yah! We don't want your neighbors puking!


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