Wednesday, March 26, 2008

There's a MOUSE in my CAR!!

No, that is not the title of a children's book....there was really a mouse in my car!!

Imagine that you are driving your kids to school in the morning. You are about 2 minutes from home when you see something come out from under the passenger seat and then go right back under it. You push on the break to see if that "something" will roll forward doesn't. Then you notice that there is a box of tissue on the floor and next to the tissue are TONS of TINY little pieces of tissue all over the floor! You realize...IT'S A MOUSE! You say, "oh my gosh!" Your daughter asks what's wrong and you calmly say, "nothing." You pull your left leg up onto your seat and proceed to drive with your tip toe! You continue to look (constantly) at the passenger side floor. You know you can't freak out because if you do...your kids will. Now you have to stop and pick up another kid who you drive each day. When you stop you see the mouse again! Your daughter keeps asking what's wrong and you say that you'll tell her later. At this point you have three kids in the back seat and the mouse is under the passenger seat. You hope and pray that it doesn't go out the back because if it does.....all heck is gonna break loose with the kids! By this point you have seen the mouse tail and you are flashing back to Disneyland at the "honey I shrunk the kids" ride where the "mouse tails" whip around and slap your ankles....and all you can think is...PLEASE DON'T LET ME FEEL THAT FEELING RIGHT NOW!!!
You finally arrive at the school. As the kids are getting out of the car you see the mouse again! You drive straight to your brother-in-law's house because he lives closer to the school than anyone else you know!! He comes out to the car, but you don't see the mouse. He also proceeds to tell you about all the possible places the mouse could be hiding!!
You call your husband and tell him. Luckily he was already on his way to home depot, so he picks up some traps. There is one still have to get in your car and drive it home! so you convince the one remaining child to get in the car with you and you again drive with one leg pulled up and your tip toe!
Long story wake up the next morning and your hubby tells you that the mouse has been caught! You want proof....and he shows you! Yeah!!! You can drive your car again!

Our only guess for how it got in there was from moving boxes that I transported in my car....which means it had been in there for at least a week!! GROSS!!!

I'll spare you the dead mouse picture that I took!!

In the meantime...I installed another blog this week.....One Wired Woman


  1. Oh how you made me laugh! I'm glad your car is mouse free now :)

  2. Oh my! you did oooh sooo much better than I would have. I am deathly affraid of mice! I probably would have had a car accident or caused a car accident.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Hope you have a great day.
    ~Rhonda from Minnesota

  3. You are doing such awesome designs! I love that you are making money with your wicked design skills!

    And, I can't believe you made it that far with a mouse in your car...I would have been freaking out!

  4. that is so gross, shannon. so stinkin gross. I don't know if you read my 'mouse' post. But I am not a mouse girl, in the least.

  5. Ya, you definitely did better than I did. I don't think I could have kept driving.

    They can actually get in pretty easily through your engine. I would prefer to imagine that's how it got in there instead of thinking it's been there for a week.

  6. Shannon - your blog designs are so neat - love that you got one more girl into the world of blogging - it's so fun! I would love to know how you put the youtube video things into the blog message. I would love to go to a "blog" class to know how to do all the neat suff that I see in other people's blogs! How did you get so smart with this stuff?!

  7. Oh my are much braver than I. I quite likely would have gone by way of FREAKING OUT! And in the process I would have freaked out all my passengers too! And then i would have pulled over to the side of the road and called my mom crying. She of course would have laughed at me amd told me to get a life........
    You handled it much better.
    Great blog design!!

  8. Well, I guess I can top that for you....there was a mouse in our Yukon about a month ago and we NEVER FOUND HIM! Every time I got in the car I wondered 'will this be the day I get into a wreck over a silly little mouse?'...we left the car open a few days when it was nice and he must have vacated his little home cause I never had the proof of his dead little body in a trap to make me feel better about my time in the car....oh well... :)

  9. k- that's gross and creepy! hope you're feeling better, missed getting together last night, looking forward to rescheduling and beating your butt at some kind of competitive outing! lol!! (grin)

  10. You are really brave Eight, I know I could Not have stayed in the car. How are you so brave when it comes to mice yet, You spent all day in your bedroom because there was a spider on the top of your door jam ? Sorry honey, couldn't pass that one by. Oh one more thing, your blogs are really great. Mike P. wants to know if you design web pages.

  11. We had a mouse living in our car when we were a kid . . . it was getting in somewhere, and running in and out. My dad eventually caught it with a trap.

  12. Was led to your site from restyled home. Reading this post made me really anxious! I can't believe you handled that so well. I don't think I could have kept my cool. Kudos!


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