Sunday, March 23, 2008


Someday I will have enough time to do everything I need to! But lately time has been something I haven't had a lot of. So here is an update since I've been a bit of a neglectful blogger:

Father/Daughter Dance

My hubby and his SECOND BEST girl (I'm the FIRST!) went to the annual F/D dance that a local organization puts on. They had a blast! She came home showing me all the dances she hand jive and Thriller. I think the organizers of the dance should sell dvd's of the footage of all the men dancing with their daughters. All of us moms would pay big bucks to see them doing the hand jive and the macarena! The theme this year was "A Night in Paris" and we found the perfect dress and shoes (on MAJOR clearance!!! BONUS!!) I love this tradition. It's the second year they have gone and my daughter looks forward to it sooo much! She loves the moment when her dad first sees her all dressed up!

My son and I made a date night out of it as well. I tried to wear jeans and he told me I had to wear a dress because it was a date. Then after I had the dress on he chose where to eat...basically it was equal to eating at Taco Bell. A local little mexican joint. He told me they have fancy food there. (the total bill was $5.84) So then we went to see "Horton Hears a Who" and splurged for dessert with a trip to Cold Stone!! Yumm!

The House
This picture is about a week old. The roofing is now completed and they are beginning the siding process. The windows have been ordered.
We've recently "won" a few items off of ebay for our kitchen, like a microwave and range. So that's two more decisions taken care of!
We are waiting for a final cabinet bid to come and and then we'll be making those decisions.
Here is the bathroom cabinet that I LOVE the look of and hope to replicate in my guest and kids' bathrooms....

Where we are living...
Here are a couple pics of the "living room" in the shop. FifthWheel/Shop life is good. I only have two complaints....I'm cold a lot and when I blow dry my hair the power goes out in the fifth wheel! But other than that it's going really well. We were at my in-laws today for easter and we watched the new people move into our old house...WEIRD!!

The kids have a place of their own in one of the trees on the property. We made a little "ground fort" and I gave them a little chair to sit on. It's a pretty sorry excuse for a fort. We'll have to work on that!!

Where we are going...
We are heading to the sunshine for spring break!! I can't WAIT! I need a week that is basically decision free so I can come back rested and ready to make all the decisions for the new house! Packing and moving is exhausting!


  1. Wow lot's going on girl! Emily has such a sweet spirit, I can tell. There's something about her so sweet and geniune. Glad things are coming a long in the new house. Hope you enjoy a nice break in Phoneix. If your anything like me, you'll lay your head down at night, and still have all those things to do on your mind. Happy decision making!!!

  2. Nice post Shannon. So much information all at once! Nicely done- You are almost at the top of your game again. lol! Look forward to seeing you a bit this weekend-

  3. How exciting, your house is coming along. I really like your temporary digs though! Have fun in Phoenix! I wish I was headed for the sunshine!

  4. Emmie Doos is getting to look like a tweenager! OH MY! Phoenix? Am I put of the loop or was this a last minute decision?

  5. Thanks for catching us up....I've been waiting. Steve just told me yesterday he wants to go to the F/D dance next year. I so want video of that! Love the sink cabinet. Your shop looks "just like home."

    How's the warranty when you get appliances off ebay? I almost had a dishwasher, but the warranty was void so we didn't get it.

    Hope you have a great relaxing week next the sunshine!

  6. Emily you look beautiful. Your dress is so pretty, goes great with your new hair do. Your daddy looks handsome too. Love you Emily Doodles. Noni


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