Thursday, August 28, 2008

some more inital house pics.....

So, I haven't hung even ONE THING on the walls! But I'm gonna post what I'm calling some initial pics of a couple more rooms.

The Family Room....which is desperately seeking more furniture!

My daughters room.....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Kitchen

Since most of my house looks like this....

I'll just show you a couple pics of my kitchen!

the lighting is bad on this one...

As I get things put together I will post more pics!!

We are in!!

Well, we are's not totally done...but we are in. A few subs will be here today finishing up some small details.
My hubby asked me the other night if I felt a weight had been lifted...I said NO! you SEE all these boxes! So much to unpack and so many things to do! No desk for me right now...I'm working off a sofa table. Couches, but no coffee tables or end tables. Trips to ikea only to come home and discover the DAMAGED items!! GRRRR!

When you go from a tuscan inspired color themed home to a tranquil serene ocean inspired color themed home....well lets just say there are a lot of decorative items that are getting put into the garage sale bin. And I have WAY more actual large wall space in this home. I usually move in and start hanging things on the wall the first day. Not the case here!

Ok, Ok, I know ya'll want pictures!! I will try to get some sort of organization assembled and take a few pics later today!

Friday, August 22, 2008

And so it begins!!!

We started moving in! The cleaners came today and they finished around 5:00 pm. So my mom (my amazingly helpful mom) and I began doing some small things. My daughters closet is all done with her clothes hanging perfectly...wonder how long it will look that way? I should take a picture so I can remember it!
My pantry shelves are stocked with food. SOME of my laundry room cupboards are filled with cleaning supplies, first aid stuff, medicine, etc. All of my son's clothes are in his room waiting to be hung, but those darn hangers are in a box SOMEWHERE!

So, again....a shout out to my locals....we are starting on Saturday at 9:00 am and we will be at it all day long! We will not be turning away any help that shows up!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The countdown begins!

Well, we are in the final stretch! Gotta love it when you walk into the house and EVERY sub has ignored our "please remove shoes" sign! I set them straight!

Our goal: Cleaning on Thursday/Friday and move in on Saturday.
Our nemesis: We'll just call them Subcontractor #1 and Subcontractor #2

Sub #1 says he'll be done by the end of the day wednesday. C'mon ya'll and pray with me on this one!!!
Sub #2 will be here tomorrow, but he won't like all the blue tape we have all over the walls!

To all my locals out there....what are you doing on Saturday?

by the way....I will return to my normal weekly blog format in 2 weeks.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Doing Better

The rest of the week was a bit my head at least. The house project has still been frustrating as we have been having subs that aren't living up to their deadlines. But my stress level is down. What was going on before is that my hubby was out of town for work and all the pressure to meet the move in deadline of TODAY was on me! Once I convinced my Hubby that it wasn't going to stress was relieved! So, we are looking at moving in a week later than we originally thought....that's not too bad.

The house is coming along though. I will try to take some pictures and post them this coming week.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


on overload

last week of house construction

experiencing melt down

deadline...not realistic

drove by my old house today.....all I wanted to do was go inside and be HOME! ...but it's not my home anymore.

when will the new one be home? It seems never ending. The end was suppose to be Friday....not gonna happen.

I want to sit down and escape with the olympics...but my DARN satellite keeps saying "weak signal" and the screen if just blank.

I wish I was on a beach in Mexico!

***according to sitemeter 29 people have read this so far, but don't care!......yup! it's that kind of day! apparently I'm having a pity party!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New the love!

I just recently have gained a new design ability....It's called a blinkie!
You can show your EightCrazy Design Love if you want (you don't have to have an ECD blog design to display the I Love ECD button)

If you LOVE EightCrazy Designs...

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Talk About EightCraziness....did you hear about this.....

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. - Meet Hailey Jo Hauer and Xander Jace Riniker, both born at 8:08 a.m. on 8/8/08, weighing 8 pounds, 8 ounces, in neighboring states.

Xander, born at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the eighth grandchild for his mother’s parents. And he’s not the only one in his family with an unusual birthday: His 2-year-old brother, Kael, was born on 4/5/06.

Lindsey Hauer thought staff at Lake Region Hospital in Minnesota were joking when they told her the time of her daughter’s birth. And then she got a call from the birthing suite noting Hailey’s weight.

Nurse Jenny Harstad joked that she tried to shrink the baby to 18 inches from her actual 19.5 inches.

Several hospital staff members in Minnesota pledged to buy lottery tickets. And Chad Riniker, Xander’s father, said that eight hadn’t been his lucky number before, but that now he was thinking about buying a lottery ticket.

“I just might,” he said. “If nothing else, with four children I should probably play the lottery.”

Friday, August 8, 2008

8 Reasons why 8 is GREIGHT!!!!

Ok, I'm going to give you a glimpse at how the EIGHTCRAZINESS plays out in my mind

#1 I'm a San Francisco 49er Fan:
4 + 9 = 13........... 1 + 3 = 4 ........ 4 + 4 = 8

#2 Joe Montana was #16
8 + 8 = 16

#3 Steve Young was number 8

#4 If you add up all the numbers in my birthdate it equals 31
31.......3 + 1 = 4 ......I'm the 2nd born...... 4 x 2 = 8

#5 The olympics this year start today.... 8 - 8 - 08

#6 My hubby and I were married in 1998

#7 All the numbers in my sons birthdate add up to 19
9 - 1 = 8


WHY: She is the ONLY person who participated in ALL the previous EightCraziness Posts!!
What does she win: A free BRAND NAME blog design
email me at to claim your prize

The Irony....

My internet was down ALL DAY yesterday....ALL Last night.....and ALL THIS MORNING!!! It's finally back up....but I'm only home for a minute right now....I'm working a wedding today and tomorrow!
So this is a bit anti-climactic!!!!

I hope to post by the end of the day with my final EIGHTCRAZINESS post....and the giveaway winner!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

My 8 ALL TIME favorite TV shows.....

Today it's my EIGHT ALL TIME favorite TV shows. Don't forget to join in on the EightCraziness and post about your 8 all time favs on your blog!

#1 The Wonder Years (this is my absolute favorite)

#2 Family Ties

#3 The Cosby Show

#4 Friends

#5 90210

#6 Cheers

#7 ER

#8 Seinfeld

***My favorite Current show is Prison Break

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8 things that I LOVE.....said in pictures

Today I'm posting about 8 things that I LOVE... and I'm doing it with pictures!
Join me and post about 8 things you love....with or without pictures!

These are in NO particular order......
wedding planning stuff.....well...anything wedding!

the number 8...duh

chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven

my hubby

my little buddy

the 49ers

my mini-me

my annual girls getaway with my family

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

8 people who have impacted my life....

Don't forget that there will be a giveaway on Friday!

Share in my EightCraziness this week and post about what I'm posting about! Today, please post about 8 people who have impacted your life in some way!

1. Jesus....He has forever changed my life and given me hope, joy, grace, forgiveness, restoration, and the gift of eternal life!

2. My parents.....I am lucky to be able to say that I have two parents who love me and that have always been there for me. They are still married to each other and they have passed down a legacy of marriage and faith that I cherish!

3. My sister....oh we fought like all sisters do when we were little about everything! However the older we've gotten..the closer we've gotten! She is truly one of my best friends!

4. My husband.....I am privileged to be truly loved by this man! Together we have experienced the love and restoration of the hope that God provides! We are opposites in most ways and so we grow and stretch each other CONSTANTLY!

5. My children.....I think that being a mom is the hardest thing I've ever done! It makes me look at who I really am everyday...and pushes me to NEED to do BETTER! They are filled with love and joy and FORGIVENESS! I am truly blessed to have those two precious little hearts in my life!

6. My Pastor.....Dave....My very first youth pastor was a huge influence in my life. I've known him since I was little and he taught me a ton about life! He has been there for many the truly impacting moments in my life. He married me, and dedicated both of my children. He is someone I have a ton of respect for!

7. My teenage mentor/small group leader.....Meleea....I think every teenager needs people in their lives to come along side them because lets face it..we usually don't talk to our parents a ton during those years. I was lucky enough to have a church small group leader who loved and cared about me and started me down the path of truly understanding what a relationship with Jesus should look like. As well as the fact that she was a person that I was accountable to. Today this person and I have long transcended the mentor/mentee relationship and we are friends!

8. An amazing woman....Pam....I honestly didn't even know Pam very well on a truly personal basis. She was a friend of the family and a woman in our church who was know for her love, kindness, thoughtfulness, and hospitality. I had great respect for her! Pam died about 12 years ago after losing her battle with ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease) Many people will tell you that not only was she an example in how to live, but she was an example in how to die. She held tightly to the sovereignty of God right to the very end and praised Him with joy! 1500 people went to her memorial service and what she left to share with us all that day changed the eternal lives of several people. I think what really drew me to Pam was her thoughtfulness. She was the kind of lady who would just drop you a card in the mail just to say something encouraging. I long to be more like her in that way! Today I have the privilege of being good friends with her son and his wife and every time I look into their daughters face I think of Pam!

Monday, August 4, 2008

One of those unforgettable moments in life...

So, I'm not the best Mom when it comes to playing with my kids. I'm trying to be better and lately I've been going outside and playing basketball and soccer with them. Tonight my hubby was gone and I decided to take the kids on a bike ride...trying to be a good playful mom! So I load the bikes up into the truck and we head to a place where we can park and ride along this really nice long path along this major street. We are about 5 minutes out when I look down and no longer see my keys where I had put them. PANIC! "Kids, stop! I dropped the keys! We need to go back!" So we head back all the while looking for the keys. We are almost all the way back to where we started. We had to cross an intersection with a light to get to where we had parked. We push the walk button and it immediately says WALK. So I tell the kids to go. My son (who will be 6 in one month) heads out first, then my daughter, then me right behind them. My son was almost to the other side when I saw it coming...a car in the far lane...coming quickly. In that moment everything goes slow motion and suddenly you feel like you are in a move just watching what is about to happen. In my mind I thought "am I about to watch my son get killed?" It all happend so fast! Luckily my son saw the car too and he stopped and turned just a bit, however he did collide with the car. Let's get this out of the way....HE IS COMPLETELY FINE AND ONLY HAS A SURFACE SCRATCH ON HIS LEG!!! He was very shaken up though and very upset because the peddle on his bike broke off. My daughter saw this all happen as well and she was visibly shaken too.
It's weird because my heart wasn't pounding. You'd think it would be. I must have been on my way towards shock rather than adrenaline had the worst happened. I was totally expecting to see my son go flying up in the air over that car...I think relief instantly set in when that didn't happen. The first thing I did was yell "what are you doing" to the lady in the car. She was visibly shaken as well and I instantly backed off. I think all of us are probably guilty of coming up in the right hand turn lane on an intersection with 3 lanes to the left of us at a pretty quick speed ready to make the turn...even if the light is red.
I'm just praising God for His protection and provision over the safety of my son in that moment!
So other than some frazzled nerves we are all ok, and in the end a trip into Walgreens, where we had parked, for some ice cream had put a smile on both of their faces!
Again...I'm just praising Jesus right now!!

oh, here's the kicker....I hadn't really lost the keys, they had just slid down on the wire I attached them to and I couldn't see them....what a dork!


This week we are counting down to the date of 8-8-08...just look at all those EIGHTS! Aren't they pretty? I wish I was having a big EIGHTCRAZY party..but instead I will actually be running a wedding rehearsal that no party at my house. The rest of ya'll will most likely be watching the opening ceremonies of the 2008 olympics! So just pretend it's an EIGHTCRAZY party!

So in honor of counting down to all those lovely EIGHTS I will be including the number EIGHT in some way with each post this week....and then on Friday there will be a giveaway!!

I'd like to invite ya'll to join me on my countdown! Just post about what I'm posting about each day!!!

Today I'm going to look back into my comment archive and share some EIGHTS from my blog history!!!
My EIGHTH comment that I received back when I first started blogging was from Beckie at Infarrantly Creative and she said:

Oh my that studio (another creative blog) gives me creative envy. THAT IS AMAZING! I want one.

Here comment was in regards to a post all about Craft Studio Evny!

Then there is my EIGHTH post...which is super boring...but here it is:


Today on CNN at 7pm ET and 4pm PT they are airing the YouTube presidential debates. People from all over the country submitted video questions, and they will show the videos and then the candidates will answer the questions. I'm not much for watching debates, but this one sounds interesting!

So, now it's your turn....go to your blog and post the EIGHTH comment you ever received and your EIGHTH post! It's fun to look back! Leave me a comment to let me know you are participating in my countdown!!

Tomorrow I will be sharing about EIGHT people who have impacted my life!! (so start thinking about your post!)