Wednesday, August 6, 2008

8 things that I LOVE.....said in pictures

Today I'm posting about 8 things that I LOVE... and I'm doing it with pictures!
Join me and post about 8 things you love....with or without pictures!

These are in NO particular order......
wedding planning stuff.....well...anything wedding!

the number 8...duh

chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven

my hubby

my little buddy

the 49ers

my mini-me

my annual girls getaway with my family


  1. Shannon, I love the pictures. I just wanted to add to your eights, only U would enjoy this. I moved to Charleston S.C. on 8-4-08, I closed on my house what would have been my grandpa's 80th birthday 8-5-08, I sat in the 108 heat with no A/C so my movers could moan and complain on 8-6-08, tomorow I will try to find my kids school and enroll them on 8-7-08 and Friday (your day) will be mine and Matt's 16th wedding ann. on 8-8-08.. Have a gr8 rest of the week. Your friend all the way from sunny South Carolina, Jen

  2. I am thankful to have almost made it into your 8 things again today. I guess since I go to girls get a way, that means you love me! I am excited for Nannytucket!

  3. Okay - some trivial information but have to share - my older sister started her very first period on 8-8-88 - right before starting 8th grade - we both remember the date still and we laugh about it - her husband thinks we are nuts because I know when she got her first... anyway, that is my comment on "8's" - not sure you wanted it, but you got it... oh, and my daughter informed me today that this year was a VERY special birthday for her - when I inquired she told me, "Mom, I am turning 6 on November 6th and it is 6 days after Halloween... 3 things, Mom!!!" She was very excited. Does that mean she will "love" the number 6 - hmmm... what is it that you love about 8 again - think I missed that story!

  4. I followed you over from Tip Junkie and have decided to join in 08.08.08 week-long challenge. Why you ask? Well, 08.08.08 is my BIRTHDAY!! Yea, I'm awesome...

  5. Holy stinckin' cow, you and mini-me look alike!! I never noticed it that completely before.

  6. Love the pic of you and Colt. And you and mini true and you're both beautiful!


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