Friday, August 22, 2008

And so it begins!!!

We started moving in! The cleaners came today and they finished around 5:00 pm. So my mom (my amazingly helpful mom) and I began doing some small things. My daughters closet is all done with her clothes hanging perfectly...wonder how long it will look that way? I should take a picture so I can remember it!
My pantry shelves are stocked with food. SOME of my laundry room cupboards are filled with cleaning supplies, first aid stuff, medicine, etc. All of my son's clothes are in his room waiting to be hung, but those darn hangers are in a box SOMEWHERE!

So, again....a shout out to my locals....we are starting on Saturday at 9:00 am and we will be at it all day long! We will not be turning away any help that shows up!!!


  1. Your home is BEAUTIFUL Shannon! Hope all went/goes well today.

  2. Yay, you're SO close to being finished and then never ever ever move again!!

  3. I wish I was closer so I could show up and help! I would bring pizza and root beer and coloring books for your kids and put away your towels.....

    As it is, you'll just have to settle for me doing a little happy dance for you. So glad you made it!

  4. Hope things are going well. Sorry I don't live close or I would have shown up with snacks and helpers. I like to help people move!

    Can't wait to see pictures!

  5. kids are just getting over chicken wouldn't have wanted us around :) Sam has some type of a flu bug or something...


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