Thursday, January 29, 2009

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my chic new office is ready!

Since the day we started planning this house I had a vision in my head for my office. We recently had a garage sale which was VERY successful so we've had money from the old stuff to spend on some new stuff! So it was off to the store and low and behold I found some FABULOUS things for my office that fit my vision! There are a couple projects that I did in here that I will highlight in the next few days. But for are the results.....

Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm seeing results!

A few posts ago I mentioned my "walking workstation". Some of you may have noticed that I'm posting my daily results in my sidebar. It's really cool to see how much I am accomplishing while I work....when I used to just be sitting sitting sitting! All the sitting was making my hiney BIGGER! But I'm already noticing a difference in my hiney with all the walking I've been doing. I've been doing a really strict diet at the same that's definitely helping. I would encourage anyone who is willing and able to put a "walking workstation" together to do so. I'm really lovin' it! When I design my mind is completely occupied and I'm amazed when I look down and see how much time has passed and how many calories I've burned! For me it's way better than doing the treadmill while watching tv! Feel free to leave encouraging comments on my daily walking stats! I'm a girl who totally feeds on encouragement!!!

Oh....and that last comment thread on the previous post was a fun one! Keep the passion coming people!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I don't get it!

Ok, I may take a comment beating for this one....but what is with everyone being so enamored with President Obama? Don't get me wrong....the moment in history that took place on Tuesday is not lost on me AT ALL. This isn't about that. I just really fear that way too many people are putting their HOPE in this MAN. That's all he is...he's just a human like the rest of us. The hope that people are looking for cannot be found in this man. It can only be found in the one true LIVING GOD! It seems to me that all the celebrities and way to many others have deemed this man to be their SAVIOR. All of the people who are doing that....will be disappointed. Why? Because he is just a MAN...NOT A SAVIOR!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frustrating.....yet kind of Refreshing!

My internet was down for two days, and the couple days before that I was having some computer trouble. Not having internet is soooo frustrating. But thanks to my new blackberry I was at least able to respond to emails so that I didn't totally leave people hanging!

As frustrating as it was also kind of a nice break! I actually did a projet! I painted my old childhood dresser black so that it would coordinate with the rest of my office. I'm not going to post the picture yet, because the pretty glass knobs aren't on there yet! Plus, I still have the mirrior, artwork and curtains to hang up in my office. I also purchased a new chair for the corner and I'm starting to fall in love with my office as it is slowly coming together! Now I just need to get my hubby trapped in there and force him to hang all those things up for me! I will post pictures as soon as those things are done! My office is kind of my alter-ego....which is "the city girl" I could TOTALLY live in a loft in the middle of NYC! But I also LOVE my five acres surrounded by trees!

Friday, January 16, 2009

You aren't going to believe this...

So, if you've been reading then you know about the "cute little blond girl on the bus"

We had open house at school tonight. I was anxious to meet this little girls mom, not to mention to actually MEET the little girl myself. We were about 3 minutes away from the school when I had an AHAAAA moment. I knew this little girls last name...and suddenly it hit me...."I KNOW HER MOM!" So, I get to the open house and they weren't there yet. So I first spoke with the teacher. I confirmed my AHAAA moment and then I proceeded to ask the teacher if my son and the cute girl hang out a lot at school. She said she didn't know anything about them having a little crush on each other. She also said that she would now be on the lookout!!

So the little girl and her family finally arrived to the classroom. The first thing she did was point her mom and sister in my son's direction. I hear the mom say, "oh so THAT is him!" Then she catches my eye and I say, "HE is MY son!" I proceeded to tell her that I had only realized it in the car on the way there! We don't know each other really well. We just have a mutual friend. Our friend has since moved away. But get this. When our friend moved away I hosted a luncheon at my house for all of her close friends to say goodbye. The girl's mom and I were both pregnant at the my son and the cute little blond girl actually met "in utero" many years ago! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!??

We just laughed and laughed about it. We swapped stories about the two of them being giddy about it. We were also BOTH relieved to find out that neither of us will be letting our 6 year olds have a boyfrien/girlfriend! In fact we both agree that it will be well into the teen years before that will be permitted. This woman has older daughters and has done an amazing job at guiding them through a very proper courtship (not dating) experience! was kind of a funny moment as both families stood there introducing ourselves to all the other members of the family. I met the cute little girl and shook her hand and my son met her dad and shook his hand.

The mom informed me that cute little girl has already asked several times if my son could come over for a play date. We both agree on a big fat NO on that one!

OH! I don't think I told you guys about my son answering the cute little girls' note. He came home all giddy and embarrassed and informed me that "he told her." "Told her what?"
He told her that he liked her. She followed with an excited..."I KNEW IT!" and then she proceeded to jump up and down. Her mom said that was a BIG day around their house....well at least in the cute little girls world!

Seriously's soooo cute....but soooooo WAY TOO SOON!
I have a feeling we are in for a bumpy ride during those teen years! I may have a little heartbreaker on my hands!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

THIS is THE BEST Idol moment EVER!!

This clip is from the 2006 season. This guy was a total Clay Aiken wannabe and won some silly award at the finale. So they asked him to sing. I wish this clip was clearer and closer up because what is SO FUNNY is this guys response to the audience. You see...he has NO CLUE that the real Clay Aiken has just come out (no pun intended) behind him. This guy thinks the audience is screaming for HIM. The expression on his face is soooo priceless...he even gestures his hand in such a way to point to himself as if to say "ME? You are screaming for me?" Oh my I was in TEARS when I saw this for the first time. I laughed soooo hard! Then he finally sees Clay and his response to that it ALMOST as priceless as his response to the audience!!! OH...and then he actually starts sining WITH if it was suppose to be a duet!

I kept this on my DVR until we moved out of the house last year. So I had it on there for like nearly two years. I would watch it once in awhile just to laugh!!!


Social Media GONE MAD!

I blog. Of course you all know that already. I have had a facebook account for about 3 years now. Up until like 4 months ago...I had about 5 friends. Nobody had facebook accounts! I was only on there because of my cousins from the east coast. Then all of a sudden I start receiving friend requests left and right! It's been crazy! But I kept telling people..."I have a facebook account..but I don't DO facebook. I don't have time!" But what's a girl to do when so many people are having conversations and I'm not a part of them! LOL! So yesterday I finally filled in my "status" update. I guess now I am a facebooker. I figured since I jumped in there I may as well jump onto the twitter bandwagon too! 160 characters to let people know what's up. That's quick enough! And apparently when you have an online business social media (that's what all this stuff is called) is all the rage!

Do you twitter? You can follow me at

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm getting up off my hiney!

I recently purchased the necessary items to complete my "walking workstation". The TV on the wall doubles as my second computer monitor. It also functions as a normal tv! My hubby constructed a desk that attaches to the arms of my treadmill. So now....instead of my treadmill collecting dust I actually use it.

I literally walk while I'm working on the computer. I work on my designs, check my emails, and write blog posts (like I'm doing right now!).Most of the time is spent doing the actual work of my design business. It's super cool! The best part about it is that I'm no longer just sitting on my hiney contributing to the growing wideness of it anymore.

Today I have walked for 3 hours. I've walked nearly 7 miles and I've burned nearly 700 calories!!! I'm hoping that this will be my new secret weapon to a smaller behind!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


sidenote ****The cute little blond girl waved at me today as my son was getting on the bus. She has never waved at me before. It almost made me think, "Does she read my blog?" LOL. Then after my son got on the bus, and sat next to her of course, they both waved at me together as the bus drove off!****

So, I never shared the story about my sis coming to town and surprising my mom....

Originally my sis and her fam were supposed to come to town for Christmas. But the Arctic Blast around here prevented them from coming since they were driving from Vegas. We all resolved that it just wasn't going to happen. A couple days after Christmas my sis calls and says, "I think we might come! Like we are gonna get in the car and come now!" WOW! So we agreed that we would keep it a surprise from my folks. We stayed in touch every couple hours as they made the long drive. About 4 hours before they got here she called my dad and let him in on it. We all got to my folks house at about the same time. My mom was out shopping with a friend. When she came home I told her my kids were hiding from her in her bedroom. I had already given my sis the camera and my kids along with her whole fam were in the bedroom. Needless to mom was COMPLETELY SURPRISED!!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dear, cute little blond girl on the bus....

I know you are totally adorable. I know that your smile is bright and cheerful. The cute little bow in your beautiful blond hair is so pretty. I know that even though my son is only SIX years old he obviously sees how cute and adorable you are as well. I see how everyday he gets on the bus and sits right next to you. Even when that other little boy is already sitting there. I see him when he plops himself right in between the two of you....making sure the HE is sitting next to YOU!

Oh sweet girl....the little note card you gave him on the bus today was very thoughtful. The fact that you took the time to dictate it to your older sister is so sweet. The picture you drew on the front...of a heart....was very well done. And the full blown crayon drawing that you did of the two of you...well, you are quite the little artist! Of course my son can't read that well yet, so his big sister had to read the note to him. It is very sweet that you missed him during christmas vacation. There were two parts of the note that really caught my eye. The very first line in fact, which was "Do you like me?" And the way you ended it with "Love ______"

But oh cute little blond girl on the can have the spot next to him on the bus.....but you can't have his heart quite yet! He is only SIX! I are you....but do you have to be so darn cute! I've told him that he's too young to have a girlfriend. He tells me he knows that and that you are not his girlfriend. I've told him that if you ask....he has to say, "Sorry, but I'm too young to have a girlfriend!" He says, "I know!"

So, cute little blond girl on the will still be cute in like 15 years! So if you could maybe try NOT to be sooo cute until then I would really appreciate it! Because for now...I think I'm gonna keep his heart safe and sound in my arms. Hopefully it will stay safe and sound there for many years to come!

I figure if all else fails...when cute girls like you start coming around (ya 15 years!) I will just have to do something REALLY embarrassing to get them to LEAVE! I'm not sure what...but I've got some time to think about it!

Sincerely yours.....
The mother of the cute little boy on the bus

Get into the Awards Spirit....

My good blogland friend,Laurie over at Tip Junkie is hosting the first annual Tip Junkie Awards! There are lots of categories to choose from including.....BEST BLOG DESIGNER {{hint hint}}

Jump on over there and do some VOTING!! There are prizes for the winners! (click on the button below)

Doesn't the tip junkie girl look cute all dressed up!! I've been having fun "dressing" her for all of Laurie's fabulous ideas!

And don't forget to spread the word!!! It's way more fun when LOTS of people participate! So grab the button off her site and post about it! The nomination deadline is January 17th.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 took almost 10 years!

"I'm RUNNING AWAY!" Do you remember saying this as a kid to your parents? I do. I packed my bag and started walking down the street! Where was I going? Honestly I have no idea where I was going....I had no idea at the time either! Which is probably why I turned around and went home! I also have no recollection of what "tragic event" took place to make me want to run away! I'm sure it was something like..."no, you may not spend the night at Mindy's house!"

So, here I am with a nearly 10 year old daughter who just spouted off her version of "I'm running away" to me. But it went like this...."Don't be surprised if you wake up someday and I'm not there!" The tragic event.....SHE stepped on HER BROTHER because SHE was irritated with him because he was done her his chores and she still had to do hers! SO....I tell her to do her chores and then we will discuss consequences for stepping on her brother. AND that was the response I got....."Don't be surprised if you wake up someday and I'm not there!"

oh goodness.....I don't want to even think about the ages of 12...13..14...15..16..and so on!

What's a mom to do?

Monday, January 5, 2009

I won! I won!

My friend Darcy had a giveaway and guess what....I won! Soon a starbucks giftcard for $20 will arrive in the mail! I wish Darcy could join me...but alas, she lives FAR AWAY! She is a fellow blog designer and we have developed a friendship over the last several months. I honestly hope to meet her someday and have a cup of coffee! We instant message all the time! She has been a real encouragement to me as I've grown my business this past year! I don't know where I would be as a designer without her! Thanks Darcy! Isn't her link button super cute!

Ok, now onto way more trivial matters! I confess...I watch the Bachelor. I've watched every season except the one with the guy from France. Did you watch tonight? Did you see the last couple minutes when they did the overview of the upcoming season? Did you see that DeeAnna (the bachelorette from last season that let him go at the very end and chose the other guy) CAME BACK to tell Jason she made a mistake???!!! Did you see the shot of him in the midst of a gut wrenching cry that seemed to almost bring him to his knees???? Oh my goodness! It's gonna be an interesting season!! I know some of ya'll are judging me right now....OH WELL! What can I say, I've got issues!! LOL!

Want some yummy recipes?

I just finished a site for Sara and Kate over at Our Best Bites. They have a FABULOUS food blog and all this month they are focusing on healthy recipes! I'm sure we could all use some of those! Hop on over there and check it out!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Give Back!

I'm proud to announce that I will be offering (at least) one FREE background each month. The backgrounds are FREE, however I'm also offering the opportunity for my those who use them to donate $1 or $5 when they take a background. This donation will be going to Forward Edge International. In January of 2008 I went on a mission trip with FEI to Nicaragua. While I was there we worked at an orphanage, helped build the Village of Hope, painted a school inside the city dump, and just loved on some really special kids. There is a dump just outside of Managua where over 3,000 live in the WORST of conditions. FEI has built the Village of Hope as a safe haven for young girls who are often forced into prostitution by their families to earn VERY early ages! FEI also helps to fund the school inside the dump so that those kids can get an education.
My local news channel did a great special about the Dump and the Village of Hope. You can view it here.

The donation is not required in order to use the background, but I just thought it was a great opportunity to give back! Please note that your donation initially does go to my personal paypal account, but I will then take the total each month and make the FEI donation.