Friday, January 16, 2009

You aren't going to believe this...

So, if you've been reading then you know about the "cute little blond girl on the bus"

We had open house at school tonight. I was anxious to meet this little girls mom, not to mention to actually MEET the little girl myself. We were about 3 minutes away from the school when I had an AHAAAA moment. I knew this little girls last name...and suddenly it hit me...."I KNOW HER MOM!" So, I get to the open house and they weren't there yet. So I first spoke with the teacher. I confirmed my AHAAA moment and then I proceeded to ask the teacher if my son and the cute girl hang out a lot at school. She said she didn't know anything about them having a little crush on each other. She also said that she would now be on the lookout!!

So the little girl and her family finally arrived to the classroom. The first thing she did was point her mom and sister in my son's direction. I hear the mom say, "oh so THAT is him!" Then she catches my eye and I say, "HE is MY son!" I proceeded to tell her that I had only realized it in the car on the way there! We don't know each other really well. We just have a mutual friend. Our friend has since moved away. But get this. When our friend moved away I hosted a luncheon at my house for all of her close friends to say goodbye. The girl's mom and I were both pregnant at the my son and the cute little blond girl actually met "in utero" many years ago! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!??

We just laughed and laughed about it. We swapped stories about the two of them being giddy about it. We were also BOTH relieved to find out that neither of us will be letting our 6 year olds have a boyfrien/girlfriend! In fact we both agree that it will be well into the teen years before that will be permitted. This woman has older daughters and has done an amazing job at guiding them through a very proper courtship (not dating) experience! was kind of a funny moment as both families stood there introducing ourselves to all the other members of the family. I met the cute little girl and shook her hand and my son met her dad and shook his hand.

The mom informed me that cute little girl has already asked several times if my son could come over for a play date. We both agree on a big fat NO on that one!

OH! I don't think I told you guys about my son answering the cute little girls' note. He came home all giddy and embarrassed and informed me that "he told her." "Told her what?"
He told her that he liked her. She followed with an excited..."I KNEW IT!" and then she proceeded to jump up and down. Her mom said that was a BIG day around their house....well at least in the cute little girls world!

Seriously's soooo cute....but soooooo WAY TOO SOON!
I have a feeling we are in for a bumpy ride during those teen years! I may have a little heartbreaker on my hands!


  1. Too cute - but at least you and the other mom are on the same page and can be in the boat together!

    Those first "crushes" are so funny!

  2. oh how I remember Chip was 1st grade and i knew we would someday spend forever together. The only problem was that he was in 8th grade, about to graduate from St. Joseph's. After that year, when he never came back for me, all that was left to do was take bathroom trips often so I could walk the halls to stare at his graduation picture in the hallway. I thought for sure he would come back for me. I even wrote letters about where we would live and the white fence he would build around our home. It was going to be bliss. Instead, I spent the next few years daydreaming about him and wondered if I could ever love again...

  3. Wow so it starts at 6! That means I only have just over a year up my sleeve :O.....
    A very cute thing indeed, but agreed a tad soon!!

  4. They really can't play together? They would have supervision, and I don't think it's that serious! I'm just saying....they spend time together at school, supervised, what's the big difference, then if you all went to Chuck e Cheese together. I don't think they are asking to date, or court. Maybe you and the mom could become better friends. It's not like I really am worried if they don't play together, just a thought.

  5. ok--I just deleted a waaaay too long and too soapboxy statement from here--but in brief, let's just say, I think you and cute girl's mom made the right decision :)

  6. My son had a crush on a little girl named Rachelle. I swear the sound of harps would go off everytime he mentioned her name. It was kindergarten. She adored him too. He didn't know anything about girlfriends, boyfriends etc...he just knew he really enjoyed this little girl. We had several playdates. All was fine. They played like normal. He adored a healthy way. I did catch him sitting next to her during circle time rubbing her back. :)
    They are still very good friends. She's quite the tomboy, otherwise I'm sure they wouldn't hang in the same crowd. Look at it another way. Use this time to encourage a healthy relationship with the understanding that they are too young to worry about girlfriend/boyfriend stuff. I told my son to treat his "girl"friends with the same care as his friends who are boys. I also told him that you only had girlfriends when you were old enough to get married. :)

    Kim - scraptomylu

  7. I meant to add...I think that alot of men have a problem seeing women as a just a friend. That's why I'm teaching my son that friends who are girls and friends who are boys shouldn't be treated any differently.

  8. Hey how did you pull off a garage sale in January? And why wasn't I on the email list? I'm a garage-a-sale-aholic! But you don't know me that well! Very impressed that you were able to pull a sale off at this time of year! You're amazing!

  9. Oh I'm so sorry it's been forever since I've been over here! I loved this story though. My son is 11 and it STILL feels too early to have girls take an interest in him.

    And I LOVE this new layout---HOW FUN! You are so incredibly talented!

  10. That is hilarious! But I think a play date at six can hardly be anything but innocent. After all my daughter loves your son and they play together great!

  11. that is totally awsome cute LOL


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