Wednesday, January 14, 2009

THIS is THE BEST Idol moment EVER!!

This clip is from the 2006 season. This guy was a total Clay Aiken wannabe and won some silly award at the finale. So they asked him to sing. I wish this clip was clearer and closer up because what is SO FUNNY is this guys response to the audience. You see...he has NO CLUE that the real Clay Aiken has just come out (no pun intended) behind him. This guy thinks the audience is screaming for HIM. The expression on his face is soooo priceless...he even gestures his hand in such a way to point to himself as if to say "ME? You are screaming for me?" Oh my I was in TEARS when I saw this for the first time. I laughed soooo hard! Then he finally sees Clay and his response to that it ALMOST as priceless as his response to the audience!!! OH...and then he actually starts sining WITH if it was suppose to be a duet!

I kept this on my DVR until we moved out of the house last year. So I had it on there for like nearly two years. I would watch it once in awhile just to laugh!!!



  1. okay, I have seen this clip, but I want to watch it again!

    however, the part where you say 'and then he actually starts SINING with clay' is totally cracking me up!

    i think you mean singing.......!

  2. Actually, Michael was NOT a fan of Clay's. His friends told him he 'looked' a little like Clay (which he really doesn't) and told him to audition. The 'awards', I think, were created as a way to get Clay on the finale and surprise everyone (even his diehard fans-like me)with his new look (one of about 100 since that show!!)Of course, Michael said he wasn't really a fan of Clay's in an interview a day or two AFTER the Season 5 finale after he was ridiculed for his appearance! The producers were brillant in thinking all of this up! Clay was incredible. I just wish they didn't put so much product in his hair that night!!

  3. so funny yet so sad when the boy opens his mouth...

  4. Really?......a die hard Clay fan? Really....? Why?....

  5. That was a fantastic moment in live television . Thanks for the memory .

    I love Clay Aiken . What a voice .

  6. Hilarious....I had it on my DVR until we moved too. Good times.


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