Monday, January 5, 2009

I won! I won!

My friend Darcy had a giveaway and guess what....I won! Soon a starbucks giftcard for $20 will arrive in the mail! I wish Darcy could join me...but alas, she lives FAR AWAY! She is a fellow blog designer and we have developed a friendship over the last several months. I honestly hope to meet her someday and have a cup of coffee! We instant message all the time! She has been a real encouragement to me as I've grown my business this past year! I don't know where I would be as a designer without her! Thanks Darcy! Isn't her link button super cute!

Ok, now onto way more trivial matters! I confess...I watch the Bachelor. I've watched every season except the one with the guy from France. Did you watch tonight? Did you see the last couple minutes when they did the overview of the upcoming season? Did you see that DeeAnna (the bachelorette from last season that let him go at the very end and chose the other guy) CAME BACK to tell Jason she made a mistake???!!! Did you see the shot of him in the midst of a gut wrenching cry that seemed to almost bring him to his knees???? Oh my goodness! It's gonna be an interesting season!! I know some of ya'll are judging me right now....OH WELL! What can I say, I've got issues!! LOL!


  1. Yay! Congrats!

    OMGOSH!! YES!! I think it is SO wrong of her to try to come back and GET him back! It was her choice to choose Jesse and when it didn't work out she now thinks that she can try to get Jason back WHILE HE'S THE BACHELOR!! I'm obsessed with this show. Kyle shakes his head at me all the time. heehee

  2. congrats on the win!

    no judgement here! just don't watch it.

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  4. I am perfectly content not watching the bachelor. However, if I happen to watch an episode, I am hooked and cannot quit watching. So far I haven't stumbled upon it this season.

  5. Let me just confess, that seen of him crying kept me up last night! I just kept saying to Paul 'Can you believe they let her come back and do this to him? And he's such a nice guy!!!! This just isn't fare!!!' Paul said 'Hun, get over it, it happens every day and this is just a stupid show...' ...I was like 'WHAT! How can you say that! This is just not fare!' It's going to be an interesting Monday for a few weeks...I'm also hooked on Momma's Boys which comes on at 10pm on ch was just as intense...ugh..

  6. Awwww, Shannon!

    You are such a sweetheart. I wish I lived closer so we could share a cuppa joe and some girl time, too. *hugs*

    I don't watch many shows - not because I am particularly against TV; I can't find anything worth a darn. I did like Heroes, but now it's gotten so weird. I will also tune into the first few weeks, and last few weeks of American Idol. They usually lose me in the middle, but I love watching the people who can't sing (but think they can) find out that they are tone deaf. It cracks me up. I also watch the final 6 or so to see who wins.



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