Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Social Media GONE MAD!

I blog. Of course you all know that already. I have had a facebook account for about 3 years now. Up until like 4 months ago...I had about 5 friends. Nobody had facebook accounts! I was only on there because of my cousins from the east coast. Then all of a sudden I start receiving friend requests left and right! It's been crazy! But I kept telling people..."I have a facebook account..but I don't DO facebook. I don't have time!" But what's a girl to do when so many people are having conversations and I'm not a part of them! LOL! So yesterday I finally filled in my "status" update. I guess now I am a facebooker. I figured since I jumped in there I may as well jump onto the twitter bandwagon too! 160 characters to let people know what's up. That's quick enough! And apparently when you have an online business social media (that's what all this stuff is called) is all the rage!

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  1. I see the simple pleasure of Facebook and the ease of feeling lightly connected to "friends" with opportunities to spur conversation... but my husband thinks that if ever there was a "Satan's playground" that Facebook is it - so after a few months of trialing it, I called it quits - far too easy for people from the past to come knocking (and from my experience, they do come... they find you... its the way it is set up... a social networking that allows people to find you... in fact suggests people that you might know and so on...) and far too easy to presume that the person knocking is harmless... I advise to use with caution and remember that the Devil prowls like a lion ready to devour his prey...

  2. Funny! I also have an account, but no "status". Maybe someday. I really would love to get back in touch with all those high school people. It would be fun, but I just don't think I have time right now. Maybe soon.

  3. I was just like you and I have been fighting the Facebook thing. It seems like I am about to cave myself

  4. I've been 'facebooking' for over a yearnow, but only within the last three months have come to like it. I have loved getting in touch with people from the past! Especially high school classmates.
    As with any other social media, you have to guard yourself against the thinking that these things are acceptable replacements for real human to human contact, because they are not!

    I've been tweeting for a while now too. it' alright, I just do not enjoy texting that much, so I have laid off of it a bit. My one warning w/ twitter is that if you 'follow' anyone from a different time zone, be aware that some people start tweeting very early in the morning! I would get woken up at 4:30am by a tweet from someone on the East only took a few times before I remembered to turn my phone off before bed!

  5. I had the same facebook had like 5 friends for two years then WHAM, everyone came out of the woodwork. It's been fun to reconnect with college friends who live mostly in Seattle!


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