Thursday, January 29, 2009

trouble commenting???

Some people are saying they are having trouble commenting.
try this: choose id, type comment, click post comment, enter word verification, click post comment again

This should work.

However, please take a moment to answer my poll about comment trouble in the sidebar. It will help me figure out how to proceed!



  1. I'm not having any trouble... but I will admit... I don't leave comments on blogs that have word verification.

    Too much effort. I have a hard time deciphering the codes. So I skip it. In this format, I kind of feel like I'm getting tricked.

    I leave the comment. Then the word verification pops up. I feel so cheated. I already wrote all the comment out... then I see the word. Sometimes I still just leave.

    For you though... ;)

    BTW - disabling pop up blocker will allow your troubled commenters to leave comments again.

    Or better yet - just remove word verification. {insert gratuitous laugh here)

  2. I haven't had any trouble posting lately. I'll answer the poll just as soon as I see this baby pop up in the comment section.

  3. When I had trouble the other day it was because there was only a question mark where the word verification code was supposed to be.


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