Thursday, August 28, 2008

some more inital house pics.....

So, I haven't hung even ONE THING on the walls! But I'm gonna post what I'm calling some initial pics of a couple more rooms.

The Family Room....which is desperately seeking more furniture!

My daughters room.....


  1. Your home looks so comfy and inviting. I love the color of the walls and your daughter's room is beautiful. I especially like the light fixture. Congrats on the new house.

  2. Looking good. At least you now have three rooms you can walk through. :-)

    Love the colors, the rug and furniture in the family room and Em's room looks beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! I'd love to know where the rug came from:)

  4. Looks good. I see you already loaded up the bookshelf! You have been a busy girl.

  5. Beautiful room, gorgeous floors, love the fireplace, I was wondering about the rug too-now I know Home Goods-they are having a big sale this weekend. Can't wait to see the rest!!

  6. Its all so beautiful. I can't wait to see it all finished!

  7. i was going to comment on the rug too! beautiful.

  8. We have been trying to reach you because we ran your contest on momdot and have not been able to get you since the 15th. Can you please email us back? thankyou!


  9. Wow. Shannon, I love it all. We used that same blue know how I love that blue.. and, I am dying with laughter right now, cause that blue finial on on the shelf above the topiary... I have that in my bathroom!

    Right now I feel like I have really good taste!

  10. Love it, love it, love all of it! I am not a blue person, but I can't imagine any other color looking right in there---especially in that GORGEOUS kitchen! The ceiling---be still my beating heart! And I say don't be in a rush to get everything up on the walls. Just enjoy it being nice and new for a while :)! And take a deep breath and enjoy it!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures with us :)!

  11. Gasp!! That family room rug!!! Where, oh where, did you get it??
    It is exactly what I have been looking for for my living room!!
    ~sigh~ it is all so beautiful!!
    Great job!!!



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