Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"It was just time for a change"

Those were my daughter's words in regards to her new haircut. I took her in to get a few inches cut off and she kept saying, "you can go shorter!" Which totally shocked me.

Here is how long her hair was before.....
And here is how short it is now.......

ok mom (my mom)....deep breath.....I can see your hands covering your eyes, and I can hear your gasp from here! She likes it and it was TOTALLY her that said, "go shorter!" She was cracking me up in the car after the cut on the way home. She was saying that she liked her long hair too, but it was just time for a change. And she was very excited to see how her classmates would react. Her best little bud in class thought it was very cute and wanted to go home and tell her mom she wanted her hair cut too!

From my perspective I say more tangles to brush out! It's so much easier when it's shorter!


  1. It's cute and fresh, just in time for spring. Yes it's true Shannon, moms like longer hair. Even when my 14 year old shaves his hair to close she says " That's to low, the boy needs hair on his head to protect him!" I ask, protect from what? Mamma Joanie it will grow back,

    Love Laurie

  2. I say yipeeeeeee also. I have never seen a young lady not want her hair fooled with like Emily Doodles. It's adorable, I love it. Noni

  3. I love it! Maybe someday my little girl will be that brave :-)

  4. That is an adorable haircut. Actually that is an adorable girl with a darling haircut! I do have to say that it makes her look a little younger though.
    Cute Cute Cute!

  5. LOVE IT!!! I think it is so adorable! Em, very good choice! It's beautiful, and so are you!!!

    Auntie Erica

  6. way to go emily! emma has been begging to get her hair cut for weeks - we are waiting until after dance recital - you can't have short hair for a bun! very adorable, Emily!


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