Thursday, May 1, 2008

Design Jobs! YEAH!

WOW! That last post had some interesting comments. Gee...maybe I should post controversial topics a bit more often. At least it caused some of ya'll to put your fingers to the keyboard! I've been a little comment lonely lately =( .....ok, so I'm beggin'....just a little!! LOL

Maybe the next one should be......OPRAH and the whole "A new Earth" thing she's preaching! I'll just say this....I no longer watch her show. I'll decide later if I want to elaborate or not.

Until then.....I've got a few design jobs going on right now. I wanted to share my most recent one that I completed with you........ The Romero Diaries


  1. 2am... really? I'm with you on Oprah sister. I don't watch her show anymore either. I was put off when she had the "couple" having the baby... the man was prego. Now this whole devotional thing.. so sad that she has such an impact.

  2. For many years Oprah was one of the few shows I ever recorded. That's all changed in the last several months. BuBye Oprah!

    See you didn't even have to make a special post about her and people will comment anyway.

  3. I love my blog design and I am so grateful that I found you! You have a gift for making things look fantastic and what girl (or blog) doesn't love that?

    I can't wait to see what you continue to do!

    I am a total raving fan.

  4. I popped on over from restyled home. . .I've poked in and out and have enjoyed your style so so much. . . .
    I'm with you on this one too. . I've lost respect for this ladies show. . It's quite sad, she could be such a powerful spokewoman for the truth.

    It's mighty tempting to have you touch my blog with your wonderful designs. . I'll think about it. .
    (I have family who does web design . . .it could be tricky . .:) )


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