Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Spotted.....The Painted House

I did a couple more blog designs recently.
just-spotted is a blog focusing on "Real Moms. Real Lives. Real Finds. The Real O.C." It's a blog that's just getting up and run on over and check it out!

Then I did one for Angela over at The Painted House. She is a talented artist and we used her artwork to create her blog look. Angela and her family are currently celebrating her husbands "CANCER FREE" test results! So head on over to The Painted House and join in on the celebration!


  1. Thank you, Shannon! I LOVE it! And you were a breeze to work with. My mom is so excited about her soon-to-come new blog template.

    THANK YOU!!!

    And, yes, it is one big party over at The Painted House now that we are CANCER FREE!!! HOORAY!

  2. i was wondering if you could create a button code for me! kim from today's creative blog said you'd be a great person to ask...could ya help a sista out? my blog is

    THANKS!! :)


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