Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another install....'Tis Lulaville Ya'll

Just did a blog design for a Southern Georgia Peach who has been transplanted! Take a trip to Lulaville ya'll.....


  1. Lulaville looks lovely, thanks to you!!!!

  2. best friend and i are starting a blog design business, i happened to link to yours from mindless junque because i needed to find a designer quickly who might have run into the same problem.....anyway i dont mean to just expect that youll answer my questions...but im sooo anxious to get our site up and running and this is one of the roadblocks weve hit, and I would be SOOOO thankful if you could give advice.

    Anyway, so we are sooo happy with our design and what not on blogger, and someone sent us an email saying that it didnt look the same in IE internet explorer....we have tried EVERYTHING...our right side bar and middle column are at the bottom of the page.....any idea what may have happened?

    again i would be sooo thankful for ANY tips....from one blog designer to another....thank you

  3. im sorry i meant it didnt look the same in mozilla fire fox, we both use IE right now....

    and here is my email...

    thanks again


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