Friday, May 16, 2008

Did I ever mention......

.....that I was NOT raised in the "country" but that I've lived in the "country" for the last ten years since I've been married. In our first home we lived down this long gravel driveway and one of the neighbors who lived at the top of the road had emu, chickens, and a big fat black pig. There would be days when the pig would get out and I'd have to sit on the road in my car waiting for the pig to move. I'd be thinking to myself "where am I and whose life am I living right now?"

In my last house we had room for some livestock ourselves. We didn't have any of our own, but at one point we let some friends cows come and graze in our field for about 4-5 months. Well, this one time the cows somehow got out of the field and into our actual yard. I was on the phone desperately trying to reach my hubby as I was running around my yard trying to corral the cows. It was quite a site.

Now we are building our third house and currently living in our shop during the process. Since we've been here I have had a mouse in my car and a.........

SNAKE in my living area!!!!!!

So, again I ask..."whose life am I living?" Guess it's mine! And it never seems to be boring! (this was like a month ago, but I'm a deliquent blogger lately)

ok, I must confess that this snake was only about 7 inches long, so I put on the big zoom lens and got a good shot so that ya'll would think it was REALLY BIG!!! Did it work?

And thank you to my neighbor boy...BD.....for coming over and "saving the day" for me!!


  1. Don't bother calling me if you see a sanke or a mouse! I would just run the other way :-)

  2. Good job of taking a looks like an anaconda! :-)word verification: tqyziy

  3. yikes! Even if it was only 7 inches - that is too big!


  4. Funny girl...we found the biggest snake we've ever found in our yard today! It was the same kind you show here, I think...but it was about 2 feet long and really the end of the day we let him go but Brandon was very disapointed in that em for us next time, we'll make a pet out of him! :)

  5. Ok I was searching for ideas for my son's first birthday party invitations and I came across you. I think you're totally awesome by the way. Anyway I was really wondering if you could explain how you did the iron on. I understand that you downloaded the font and printed it out on a trnasfer sheet. Where can I get that sheet? Is it really simle after that? If you could please help me out that would be awesome. I feel a little dumb lol. THANK YOU

  6. Charlie,
    you can buy the iron on transfer sheets at target, walmart, or any local office supply store, like office max or office depot. They will have instructions that come with the packet! Good Luck! Let me know if you have anymore questions!

  7. Thanks. Lol I do have another question. What program did you use to make your invitations? How did you you get the big number 2 faded in the background? And the edge of the picture to look that way?

  8. I don't do snakes.

    Angela's Mom


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