Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Save the Drama for Your Mama!

I'm planning a birthday party...a SLUMBER PARTY for my 10 year old daughter! We have invited like 14 girls or something like that! Why did I label this post "save the drama for your mama!" BECAUSE I REMEMBER slumber parties at that age! So I am going to be wearing a t-shirt that night that says "save the drama for your mama!" It will be perfect! *sidenote...when I was that age my parents would let me have sleepovers with like 25 girls...BLESS THEM!

I have so much to do but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at a couple thingsI have planned. The invitations and some goodies!

here is the invite we sent out...

here are some of the Cupcake Pop goodies I'm planning to make which are inspired by Bakerella.....

Cupcake Pops

stay tuned for more!~


  1. Sounds like a blast - I think my biggest slumber party - in the 5th grade - complete with Cabbage Patch Dolls - was 8 girls - I remember wishing that I hadn't invited at least 2 of the girls that came... I remember going to a sleepover with about 10 girls and the girls dad got in on the pillow fight and I went from having fun to being freaked out and wanting to hide - I think I shed tears and I remember the dad feeling really bad and not knowing at all how to deal with the "drama" - your shirt is PERFECT - just hope you don't have any overly sensitive, shy type kids that are going to feel too stressed out...Love the cupcake yummies - you are so good to go all out with your party planning!

  2. Gorgeous invites and those cake pops are very very careful not to get any on your finger. If you taste one bite you will eat all of them...fair warning. :-)

  3. cute! i'm going to do those cake pops for kaitlyn's bday too! can't wait to see more!


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