Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Late (again) DI-EIGHT update

week 2:

I spent week 2 out of Las Vegas helping my sister get ready to move. I was REALLY good with my food all week until....the final night. We went to Claim Jumpers for dinner. It was DeLIciOuS!!

I felt good because I even got in a couple 44+ minute walks! No exercises though.

I'm still hanging out at about a 6 pound loss. Some days 7..then back to 6. One thing I've been really good about...not eating after 8pm. It's soooo hard, but I think it's worth it. Anything I ate after 8pm before was only JUNK that I did not need to be eating.

so how about those of you who are joining me? How's the progress??

food tip: if you are missing pasta.....try spaghetti squash. It's yummy with your favorite tomato/meat based pasta sauce!


  1. ahhhhh! so proud of you for keeping with this--even in Vegas?! who does that? awesome :)

    I have not yet responded to your inquiry of whether or not I am doing this...wonder why I am avoiding the question? ;) lol. obviously, I am not on the plan. BUT! I just might try to shake off that perfectionism tendency and jump in are inspiring. thank you.

  2. I posted my update on my blog - but so far - no major weight loss and I am starting to falter in my discipline - I am feeling really emotional/hormonal this week - more than usual - not sure if the high protein low carb really works well for hormonal me... I'm trying to stick with it but this past week the exercise was lacking - only 3 of 5 days... also water is my weakness... good for you for sticking with it in Vegas! I am at a total of 1.5 loss but that number rocks back and forth between no loss and 2 lbs.

  3. Oh man I totally love Claim Jumpers (def not a diet place but worth the splurge)! Keep sounds like you are doing great :) My name is Ashley and I am a new blogger! I love reading your blog!


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