Monday, May 4, 2009

My EIGHTCRAZY Diet Plan....

I'm trying to come up with some motivation to get back to my walking, eating right...basically doing what I need to be doing! So in my mind I've been trying to come up with an "EightCrazy Diet" of sorts. Here's what I'm thinking...but I'm looking for some ideas and input (be creative!)



Daily Calorie Intake - Not to exceed 1288 calories per day
Daily Protein Intake - 88 grams (minimum) with an ultimate goal of 108 grams
Don't eat ANYTHING after 8pm

5 Days a week:
Daily work and Walk - 88 minutes (minimum)
Daily exercises
-88 crunches
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Alternating Days (Different Muscle Groups)

-8 sets of 8 lunges (4 sets per leg)
-88 leg lifts for inner thigh
-44 per leg (4 sets of 11 each)
-88 leg lifts for outer thigh
-44 per leg (4 sets of 11 each)

-4+4=8 upper body exercises (4 exercises - 4 sets - of 8 reps)
-push ups
-tricep dips
-bicep curls
-standing row


So, what do you think? Any suggestions on how to improve it, but still keep it EIGHTCRAZY?
Anybody want to try it with me? I know most of you don't work and instead of 88 about 44

Let me know your thoughts...I need to get my but in gear and I'm looking for some support and some partners in crime! Let's see what we can accomplish in 8 weeks. Once I get some feedback I will pick a KICKOFF date!


  1. I think it's a Great Plan!! I would love to join in, I had a baby in November and you wouldn't know he's not in there anymore, lol...This would be great motivation for me to do it! I don't want to feel like this all summer long!! I'm in!

  2. sounds great! I definitely need some inspiration in the weight department...I can't seem to get motivated yet! I will try hard though!

  3. I think you are funny, but whatever it takes to get motivates--use it. I need a little motivation myself. Good luck!

  4. how about,7120,s6-380-381-386-9397-0,00.html

    WORK YOUR WAY TO RUNNING AN 8K or 8 miles!!!
    8K in 8 weeks!!!!! woot woot. you can totally do this Shannon! :)
    not to mention you'd have a cute hiney by the end of it!

  5. you go girl! keep us posted on your progress!

  6. Love the idea and to your inspiration, wear this!,0,11

  7. I'm in! When do we start? I will have to modify the calories and protein, and 44 minutes of walking/jogging. What about your 8 glasses of water?

    Oh, and I'm going to need pictures of an inner vs. outer thigh lift and a tricep dip. :-)

    Lee Ann....because sometimes I can't get the Google account to work when I comment on your blog :-)

  8. I want to do this, too! yay! a support group! I also love Michelle's suggestion of training to run an 8K.

  9. If you start it on May 8, 8 weeks would end on July 3.....just in time for a big celebration!

  10. Here's a suggestion for you: Keep working out, eating less and getting smaller and I'll keep laying around, eating more and getting bigger...we can live vicariously through each other! :) (I'm 6 1/2 months prego & on partial bed rest to any of you readers who don't know me)...
    Keep up the good work Shannon!!!

  11. I say eat 8 twinkies for 88 days and see what happens!


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