Saturday, May 16, 2009

Busy Busy....quick DI-EIGHT Upadate

super busy working on the party and getting ready! just under 2 hours until all those girls show up! But I forgot to do my DI-EIGHT update yesterday.

In a nutshell...I did my walking and my excercises. I held true to NOT eating after 8pm. I SUCKED on drinking my water! (I'm so bad at that)
The scale told me that I've lost 6 pounds!! Yipee!! Now...let's get something straight about the reason for that...I PIGGED OUT on mom's day weekend. So a couple of that was definitely "intestinal"! (sorry that's gross..but true) when I weighed in Monday morning I was still stuffed from the day before!'s going well!
let's see if I can resist the cupcakes and sweets at the party tonight~!!

what about you??? For those of you doing it to...what kind of results are you seeing?

oh...and I'm very SORE!


  1. 6 pounds!Good grief that's amazing even if it was "intestinal".

    1.5 pounds here.
    water - yes
    cardio - yes
    eating good - mostly
    eating after eight - sort of
    other exercises - no (my weekly schedule didn't go as planned....this is what I really want to work on this week.

    Lee Ann

  2. Way to go Shannon! I posted on my blog on my "stats" if you are interested...

  3. Good job - I want to join you on this so badly. I want to lose 25 pounds by Sept. but I have NO time to exercise. Okay - so I take NO time to exercise. that's the hardest part for me. And I have no willpower - none. And having an accoutability team usually does nothing for me either. I'm still trying - but I certainly don't have the gumption you do, I guess.

    Great job, though! I'm proud of you!


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