Monday, June 9, 2008

O'hana....Cottage Cafe.....Purple Diva

So this is my first OFFICIAL "Masterpiece Monday" Each Monday I will be featuring my latest blog designs! Come back tomorrow for "Tirade Tuesday" where I will be sharing "what's on my mind"

Now onto the designs.....

This first design is precious to me. I designed it for my LONG TIME friend Allison. We have known each other since we were in Kindergarten and played on a soccer team together called "the Lil' Stinkers" How prophetic was that!? Someday I will share some stories about the two of us on a "thinking back thursday."
Allison and her family are just such great people! It has been such an honor to watch her grow in her love for the Lord over the years! Her family strives diligently to love and honor God and they do it while truly enjoying life and each other. I wish she lived closer, because I could learn a lot from this girl! Love ya Big Al! Now go and check out her new blog! (She's a newbie to blogland!)

My next design install was for Kim. She was looking for something shabby and chic! She asked me to incorporate a butterfly as well to honor the memory of her daughter. This was a precious honor to me. I enjoyed creating this new look for her and she said it was like christmas morning when she was waiting for the page to load with the new look! Head on over to the Cottage Cafe and check out her little present!

My final design for the week is actually one of my pre-designed blog looks that is currently for SALE! I think most women have JUST A LITTLE bit of Diva in them. So click your way to EightCrazy Designs and check out the Purple Diva


  1. love the Diva header...can you do her with cowgirl boots on?

  2. You are staying so busy!! Congrats!!!! I love the diva design. As soon as I get some sort of epiphany for my blog I'll be callin'.


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