Monday, June 9, 2008

Please Vote!

Oh my goodness I am soooo excited right now! I just found out that a blog I designed is up for an award that is being voted on. It is up for "best looking" blog! Can you believe it? I'm soooo excited! I think I already said that though! The blog that is up for award is The Secret is in the Sauce.
Vote Vote Vote!

once you actually go to the link and get to the "best looking" category you will need to scroll down within that category!

To vote please go to


  1. Well, yeah! Of course it is nominated because it is just too cute! WTG! I voted!!

  2. jenoni5@gmail.comJune 9, 2008 at 6:17 PM

    I voted too Eight, so did Big Scott. HOORAY!!! LOL

  3. voted for you! It has been soooooo much fun to see your work popping up here, there, and everywhere. And that you got to redesign for Tip Junkie---WOW!!!

    Just know I'm praying for you and cheering you on all the way. And if I blab too much about being the one to at least give you an inkling of an idea to do this--then you can come smack me upside my bloggy head :)!

    Best of everything to you!


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