Monday, June 23, 2008

Productive week!

I had a really productive week last week! The first thing I'm excited to share with you is the new addition of my design portfolio. I created a blog that is linked to EightCrazy Design that highlights all the designs I've done as well as which pre-designed looks I currently have for sale. I feel like this has really streamlined things and made it easier and quicker for people to get a glimpse of my work. Along with the new blog is my new widget. You can see the widget right now on my right sidebar at the top. The widget displays my pre-designed looks for sale as well as a few porfolio designs. You are welcome to click on "get widget" and add it to YOUR BLOG to stay posted on my lastest creations! (it updates automatically) So hop on over to EightCrazy Design Portfolio and check it out! While you are there you will get to see my latest pre-designed look that I'm calling "Fashionable Vintage" Enjoy!

This week was kind of a Pre-designed week. I've recently sold a few of those and wanted to share the final products with ya'll.
This first one was originally titled "Corkboard Notes" but now it found it's home at "Buried with Children"

I sold my original design titled "Chic Lines" to Nicole who is a wedding and party planner. She is using the blog as sort of a "Event Planner's Diary"

This little baby was originally called "Little Touch of French" Now, here is the best part....someone who lives in France bought it!! How great is that! Her blog is set to private right now, so you can't jump over to look, but I still just wanted to share the design with ya'll.


  1. So cool Shannon - especially the French purchaser. Really you are a world renowned designer:) Love that widget too!

  2. ooh, the current one is good...the fashionable vintage one...I like it...
    yes, it's late...we just got home from are at parents...crazy us...night! :)


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