Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bus Rides

In today's Thinking Back Thursday I'm going to share random memories about bus rides.....

When I was in Kindergarten and First grade my parents did not attend church. But there was a little local church that had a bus that went around through the neighborhoods and picked kids up and took them to church. Every Sunday my parents would put my sister and I on that bus and we would go to church by ourselves. I even remember times when I would spend the night at my Aunt Judy's house and I would take the bus from there too. It's strange to think about that today....can you imagine doing that with your children? Times were different then though. In second grade we started going to church as a family...and we haven't stopped!

There was another random bus that came through the neighborhoods....but this one took you to the strawberry fields in the summer. So when I was in like 5th, 6th, 7th grade I would take that bus at times during the summer and head out to the strawberry field to earn money by picking flats of berries. I don't remember how much we made per flat though. I think the most money I would even make in a day was like $10 or something like that.....again....can you imagine doing that today?

The only time I ever rode the bus to school was in the 6th grade. It was bus number 52....yes I have a weird and random memory! That bus driver was so sweet and nice. If it was your birthday she would make you this small little personalized birthday cake. It was probably like a 4-6 inch cake. On my birthday she had made it, but forgot it at home. So I stayed on the bus until she had dropped everybody off and then she drove the bus to her house, got me my cake, and took me home. Once again....can you imagine? A bus driver would get FIRED for taking someone to their house today. I didn't go in the house. I just waited on the bus while she got the cake. I didn't think it was wierd or anything, I thought it was pretty cool!

Of course there are lots of bus ride stories that include boys...but ya'll want my post to go on forever and ever! I'll just go with most memorable: pretending to fall asleep so that I could slump over and fall asleep on the shoulder of the boy sitting next to me! CLASSIC!


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  2. Your memory does amaze me sometimes. As far as the way things are today, I wish we could trust the way we could back then. What a wonderful world this would be.

  3. Just had to visit your blog when I saw your name is Shannon ~ so is mine!!!! Awesome name you have:)

    Very nice blog ~

  4. Good ol' bus rides!!! I can't believe you never really had to ride the bus...I guess that's the price we paid for living in the boonies!!! I love all your daily posts. I get to get into your head this way!!! As far as trust in the old days (as the kids would say) it's so sad that they don't get to experience it. They are learning to fear everyone around them. Pretty sad.

  5. I love these stories Shannon! We use to have a church bus that came through our neighborhood too--and all of us ferrell neighborhood kids would go climb on it, no matter what we were wearing--because they gave you a piece of candy for getting on. I'm pretty sure that's against several laws today :)!

    And I rode bus 54 and then bus 101--so I fully appreciate your clever but random memory :)!

    Have a GREAT weekend! It sure has been fun to see all your designs featured on SITS bloggers blogs!

  6. I try not to think back to my school days...just gets me into


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