Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another crazy Giveaway from the SITS Girls!

ok, seriously people. Now the SITS girls are giving away a bounce house!! A BOUNCE HOUSE YA'LL!! That's crazy! These girls know how to do a giveaway!!

You gotta check it out! Oh and if you go to SITS, grab their button code and add it to your blog...then go back to SITS and leave a comment and mention me....I get extra entries (only if you are new to SITS because of this though)!

I really want this for the church so we can use it at VBS and the church picnic! Wouldn't that be awesome!!


  1. hey shannon, sup?? okay so who did i get TBT from, hmmm was it you?? cause i look at soo many blogs these days i couldnt tell ya..... anyway, dude your designs rock...lets keep in touch for sure, and know if you need any help with anything just ask....i may be askin you as well. i have a question, do you just search around for elements to use, or do you build your own?? we were trying to partner with someone, and she was all for it, but takes sooo long to get back to us....we have several different commercial licenses, but wondered if there is someone you recommend.....let me know if ya have any suggestions....again keep in touch!!!

  2. Why do you get extra entries? I am not a fan of this idea!

  3. Your sister in law came by SITS, YOU get an extra entry!

  4. Hey, I tried to email you, but it came back to me. I need your professional expertise for a blog/etsyshop/logo design. Do you have a new email address and I'll resend?

  5. You just got another entry, thanks to KatyTexasMom

  6. you are gonna win for sure with all these extra entries!

    btw, in case we haven't mentioned it before... THANK YOU for linking to us, & for helping spread the just spotted love!

    xoxo, K


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