Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting SAUCY....and some new pre-designs

It's finally here! Those SITS girls have done it again with another "featured blogger" style site. This time it will be highlighting blog posts about food recipes, household (cleaning) recipes, craft "recipes" name it! Kind of a GREAT IDEAS kind of thing! So head on over there are check out SAUCY EATS....they are going to start featuring bloggers in the next couple days!

Then I have some new pre-designed looks that are for sale. I'll let ya'll in on a little secret. Sometimes my predesigned looks acutally are inspired by custom designs that I work on. Sometimes, like these, they were the beginnings of the first idea I came up with for the client, but ultimately it wasn't a fit for them. Hopefully it will be a fit for someone else!

As always, you can see all my pre-designed looks for sale, and my entire portfolio at

This one I'm calling "Green with Envy"

This one is "Bewitched" (like the TV show)


  1. Oh I love the green with envy one!!! I'll have to see what I can do about buying that one...will keep you's not the farm theme but it does seem to catch my attention more than the others so far...
    We get our horses today! You'll have to bring the kids over this summer for some riding time.

  2. I really like the Bewitched One. I used to love watching it in the mornings before school. Brings back some great memories.


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