Monday, June 30, 2008

Comments Please!

My "blogiversary" is coming up. July 16th will be one year since my first post. This is post #257. WOW!! 257 posts! That's crazy! But do you want to know what is even MORE CRAZY than that? (it's Tirade time people!!) What's MORE CRAZY is that out of 256 previous posts the most comments any ONE person has ever left me is a total of 37 (Kelli is the current highest ranked commenter....she just surpassed my sister) C'MON PEOPLE! SERIOUSLY!

Where is the comment love? I try to be a good blogger! I try to be consistent. I post often. Am I asking to much when I ask for some comment love? There are two categories of non-commenters out there...the ones I know and love...and the LURKERS as they are called in blogland. The secretly look at your blog but never let you know. I WANNA KNOW! And I wanna know what you think. If you agree with my Tuesday Tirades...let me know! If you don't...shout about it! On Monday Masterpiece....a little..."those are great" would do. Wordless Wednesday...does not apply to comments!!! Thinking Back Thursday....hey, it takes time to think back and come up with those...comment about what it makes you remember...tell me I'm a dork....I DON'T CARE! JUST SAY SOMETHING!! I'm not kiddin' here people!! I'm on a TIRADE and I'm not kiddin'!!

Thanks to those of you who comment and comment often! I will say that I almost always leave a comment when I visit a blog! So I tend to practice what I preach here!
oh, and on a completely different note:
my MIL is doing a giveaway for an item of her fabulous jewelry! The giveaway starts July 1st! Go HERE for details!

***I changed the comment feature on my blog. I think it deleted all my past comments though. Not sure. I hope I didn't totally screw something up here! We shall see! I did it in hopes to be able to email responses directly back to the commenter if I so choose. (instead of the good old fashioned blogger way of clicking on the profile...then going to their blog and leaving a comment) Go forth and comment!


  1. You crack me up! Honestly, I set my blog back to private and part of that was because people weren't commenting and it made my life more difficult to not know 'who knew what' and when I would start to tell a friend or family member about something we did they would say 'I know, I read your blog' ...but I would think 'How the heck and I supposed to know that if you didn't leave a comment or send me an email or say something before I did about what I was about to say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' So, this way, I know who knows what and I don't have to ask the question' did you read my blog' before I start a conversation about something we've done...make sense?
    All I wanted was for friends to say 'looks like you had a fun day' or 'sorry it's been rough' or 'wow' or 'okay' or 'whatever' or or or or something that would tell me they saw it and know about its contents...okay, I'm done...sorry to have jumped on your bandwagon with that one....

  2. Gee, I swear I've never been here before and I really wasn't going to just stop and not comment...well maybe I was, but OK, you are right! I'm not lame and I can comment! There, I did it!


  3. I HATE seeing that new people visited my blog and didn't leave me any love. Of course, I don't write about anything really interesting, so that might be it, but hey, I'm just a girl and a dog. Yeah, that is rather boring. Anyway, showing the love!

  4. Hi, I'm new here, just found you on the tip junkie site, and I didn't dare not say Hi. :) So I love your blog and your designs are really cute, I'll probably be back too, so anyways Hi!

  5. Love the tirade! I feel the same way, as I'm sure most people do. So, I have been getting better at commenting and I'm hoping that in return those people will then leave a comment for me:) (this was my first visit by the way;)

  6. Haha I feel the same way about comments. I know people are out there and are reading my blog because of sitemeter but no one ever comments! I found your blog through the SITS Girls so I thought I'd stop by. Good luck with the comments and keep the posts coming :)

  7. I'm totally with you on the "lurkers" of the blogging world. Just irks me that I comment on other's blogs but I don't get any comments back.

  8. Oh I forgot to add that I'll be adding your blog to my blogroll too. So I'll most definately be back.

  9. ok ok. I'm commenting. I'll admit, I lurk alot. :) I'll try to do better!

  10. I know how you feel....I hate that I don't get more comments either...I love knowing that someone is reading my pages. I see in my reports that people come, but very few leave comments.

  11. Ya, I know what it's like not getting any comment love...hint, hint, wink, wink. I try and leave comments and often times I can't read the stinkin word verification and I just get frustrated. And sometimes the whole comment proceess just chomps me, chews me and spits me out, leaving me frustrated and lurking you most of the time. Now how's that for authenticity!

  12. Had to leave a comment because July 16th is my sons birthday and I great day of the year! Found you from your blog!

  13. First visit. Commenting. Now you know :)

    Have a great day, girl!!

  14. Hi Shannon,
    I agree with you. I can get a great number of visitors to my blog and still get a pitiful amount of comments. Not that I dare complain...I have been slack about getting around to all the blogs lately. With all the kids at home now, something has to give...

    Haven't seen you around my neck of the woods lately...!!!


  15. janell in africaJuly 8, 2008 at 2:00 PM

    Hey Shannon -
    I am definitely a lurker! :) I love reading your news and seeing your designs. Vicariously living through your summer news (since it is currently FREEZING in the southern hemisphere here).

    Sending you love from Africa,


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