Monday, June 23, 2008

From light hearted to deep!

I remember LOVING summer vacation!
Don't you remember absolutely LOVING summer vacation! I DO! Apparently my kids don't share the same feelings. We were on day two of summer break and my kids were standing in the doorway trying to come inside as I'm TELLING them to GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!! They are constantly trying to come up with a plan and "can I call...." stuff like that. Here is the response they got from me...."It's day two of summer! You better figure out something to do and go do it because there are like 60 more days of summer left!" Their response..."WHAT? 60 more days. Seriously?" Who are these children and why do they look like me?

My house:
I have to go pick out all my light fixtures this week. I'M SO DONE WITH ALL OF THIS! Seriously. I don't want to pick anything else out! I just want someone else to do it and I want to walk in the house and have it all be done and say, "wow, it looks fabulous!"

Thoughts on Faith:
I think that too many of us are looking for answers outside of God's word. I think that too many of us are reading books filled with doctrinal theories written by a man and accepting what those men have to say as truth. Even some fictional books with heavy faith issues seem to be the source of some peoples inspiration as of late. I'm not saying that we can't learn and be inspired by these things. I know that can happen, and I know that not all the doctrinal theory books out there are "bad." I just think that there are definitely some things out there right now that are off, but what is off about it is being mixed in between some truth and because of that we as a christian culture are letting it slide and letting it seep into our lives. I heard the statement recently..."don't throw the baby out with the bath water." I love the person who said this to me dearly and we had a REALLY good discussion about it. But in the end I still disagreed with the premise of the statement. The problem is, we may be "throwing out the bathwater" but sometimes the bathwater has already contaminated the baby before it gets thrown out. We need to be more careful with what we are putting in the tub...that's all I'm saying!

WOW! Ok, I got a little deep today! Lucky for ya'll tomorrow is Wordless Wednesday!


  1. wow... going deep! I like it.

  2. xjcgvb....oh opinionated...i knew that is why i loved you...a woman after my own heart.

  3. the choosing house stuff, is how i felt at the end of planning my wedding. Good luck, you are almost there...very exciting.

  4. As far as summer goes, you will probably have to plan some activites for them, or go outside with them once in a while. When we were little, we both got very bored and acted like our lives sucked. You have to remember that! As far as the house, you know me, I can't decide what I want for dinner- And as far as the faith stuff, I do believe that people can be led down a scary road because of bad doctrine and stuff. Just hold onto the fact that God sees the fact that they are trying to grow deeper their relationship with Him, and He loves that. Leave it to Him, to poke and prod them to the right path. And as far as your comment on my page, I might just come to Vancouver and beat you up-

  5. I'm shocked I haven't gotten that phone call yet!!! How about this afternoon???

  6. much depth here, where do I start? :)
    Summer, the kids are too often entertained and have no idea how to pick up a stick and turn it into a sward...
    Those who read too many other books should first ask themselves this question to determine the safety of that..."Have I STUDIED my Bible today?" Often times, we read other books and understand things clearly from other peoples view points and forget to read from God's viewpoint first....


  7. Amen! I have been noticing the same thing. I agree with Kelli that we need to start with the Bible. I love what it says in 2 Peter 1:3-4 and 2 Timothy 3:16-17...All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

    P.S. I LOVE the invites you did for my sister!

  8. well Shannon, I understand that Ry and C cooked up a plan to get together so we will have to get them together if C still wants too. Might stave off some boredom for at least a day or so. Might need a calendar for them to cross off days or something -- or they could stare at it . . . either way.

    And on other subjects -- glad it is you and not me building a house -- can you imagine building a house with indecisive Rick? He can make all kinds of decisions for other people's homes no problem. . . but stresses over one plant in his own yard. Gotta love perfectionists. Sigh. . . .

    And. . . Amen sister, preach it. . . I have already put my $10 worth in this particular subject so I won't say anything else.

  9. I love your last paragraph, I totally agree! Thanks for posting your thoughts!
    Heidi Zawisza

  10. Hey lady,
    I love your blog today. I feel ya girl. And on your faith thoughts...I super totally agree!!! I may know some of the sources of your frustration and I agree. Chuck the baby out the window too...sometimes it's necessary. I mean that in the most theortical, non child abuse way! And for depth...please, if that was too deep than don't come to my blog cuz you'll drown in an instant. I can't seem to get my groove with fun, informational, light hearted stuff...maybe I'm just too serious...I like your balance on your blog so the deeper stuff is good...I know you've got it in ya and I love to hear it!

  11. Oh yeah...I think often how I wish you were my daily friend too. You belong in my world way more than you are right now...wanna move to Ashland? You could be done picking out all your stuff and come live in hippy land with all the crazy liberals. I think I'm going to blog right now on our newest crazy Ashland resident...ahhh...diversity...take a deep breath and breathe in that stinky incense patchouli oil air..ahhh! It's really not that bad...I actually love where I live but also wish I could be with you daily too! Love you lots Shan!


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