Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Haircut - Seventh Grade

I decided to start a new "segment" on my blog. I'm calling it "Thinking Back Thursday"
Each Thursday my plan is to post a story from my past. Maybe my distant past, maybe my recent past. You get the point. Someday when I move into my house and my scrapbooks are all unpacked I will be able to include pictures. That will make it more fun. But for now words will have to do!

I have extremely thick naturally curly hair. When I was in junior high I tried everything they had to make it manageable. After a few chemical treatments and a HORRIBLE thinning process something had to be done to rectify the problem. So it was off to the salon with my mother.

It's important that you know that just the day before I had broken up with my boyfriend, who had been my first kiss, because I found out that I was his "church" girlfriend and he had another girlfriend at school. I was "devistated" (everything is devistating in Jr. High!).

So, going into this haircut I don't think my head was totally screwed on right. The stylist said that I would have to basically cut my hair SUPER SHORT and "start all over". I guess I had no choice. So I let her do it! Oh I really wish I had the picture for you to see! When you have super thick curly hair and it is cut short, your head pretty much looks like a muffin! I was completely mortified! To make things worse, that night we had to go and have family pictures taken for the church directory. Yes, that hairdo is forever immortalized in the church directory that I'm well aware some people still have sitting in their junk drawers!

Jump ahead two days....ok, don't forget about the breakup with the boy from church.....
It is now Sunday and it was time to go to church. Guess who I would have to see there? Yes, the boy. C'mon now ladies, you know as well as I do that when you see a guy after you break up you want to look YOUR BEST so they know what they are missin'. RIGHT?! And here I was with my new muffin top hairdo! Once again....I was mortified. (can you imagine?) Oh I could see the smirk on his face from a mile away! I think his brother didn't even hold it in..he just laughed.
So, I crawl my way through that experience knowing that the next day I would have to go to school and display my new muffin top hairdo for the whole jr. high world to see!

We pull up to the drop off point and my Dad lets me out of the car. (deep goes nothing!) At the front of the school near the entry doors is a HUGE window. Sitting just inside that window was this eighth grade boy that I thought was SO CUTE! He was the first person to see me as I walked toward the door and see me he did! As soon as he saw me he literally pointed at me and started laughing! Once again....mortified!

oh people, can I just say that I NEVER WANT TO BE IN JR. HIGH AGAIN! Do I hear and Amen!


  1. Amen! Thats one of the reasons I hope schooled my kids.

  2. AMEN!!!AMEN!!!
    I feel your pain. Curly hair! Oh my! I even had one stylist tell me we should PERM it to make it more manageable! I did! Mortified! Love your post and looking forward to looking into your past.

  3. The picture is worth a thousand words. Is it still up at mom and dads?

  4. I love the story and the idea of posting stories from the past. Have you ever listend to Daria's Weekly Entertainment Guide? (I think its on 105.1) She tells the most hillarious stories from her youth and college days that she then relates to some random thing she is promoting, like peeps (the marshmallow candy!) This reminds me of those. I love them.

  5. amen! my mortified 7th grade moment was when my 'friend' stuck a feminine pad on my locker door with red lipstick all over it. I was sure the boys thought it was mine!

  6. Oh boy, can I ever remember that day. I have to say as a mom I had no idea what to do except tell you how beautiful you are and buy you NEW clothes. You're right Eight pics. would be priceless, ok humorous. LOL MOM

  7. you are too funny.
    love you Muffin!

  8. Oh Shannon that is too funny!! I too have a horrible perm story that ruined my life (or at least my 7th grade year). Jean

  9. Hallelujah sister...we both had 7th grade muffin heads...remember. I have your muffin picture...I should seriously hunt it down for you to would complete the story perfectly!


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