Thursday, August 30, 2007

House for Sale!

Well our house has been for sale for 3 months now. I'm guessing with the current market that it is gonna be awhile before it sells. But that's ok, because we aren't on a specific timeline and also because God is in control and it will all come together in His timing!
I have two kids, so keeping my house "show ready" isn't very fun. Just before we put the house on the market I decided that our playroom would be WAY TOO STRESSFUL on me to keep show ready. So I converted the playroom into a bedroom. I staged it basically.
Here are some pics of what the playroom looked like before I changed it.....

Here are some pics of what it looks like now as a bedroom....

It's a bit unfinished, but it's a way better look than the playroom for perspective buyers. And I don't have to bug my kids about keeping the playroom clean.....I only have to bug them about their rooms!

We are off to go camping for the weekend! Have a great Labor Day Weekend everybody!


  1. Great decision...less work for you in the end (especially when you start packing) and it will make your home more marketable. It looks so nice and you're will happen in the way it is supposed to. I've done this(selling) more than a few times, and everything happens as it should. Good luck to you...a little bit of that never hurts either!!

  2. you must watch those HGTV shows that guide you on how to style your house to sell it faster. Very smart move and it looks great! Hope it sells fast.

  3. Thank you for your kind comment on the Creative Blog site. I came to thank you for that and have enjoyed looking at your blog! I like your staged bedroom, you did a great job! Hope it will sell your house soon, I know how horrible that situation is! Been there myself!

    Hey, noticed you too have received the honor of being mentioned as a "Creative Blog" congrats and I can see why, you have great inspiration here! So fun to see new blogs.

    Thanks for linking to me, I am honored! I will do the same so I can return for another visit!

    Thanks again,


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