Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Fun & Family

The kids have been having a lot of fun at their camps this week. Yesterday after I picked my son up from his camp I took him to a skate/bike park that is new in town. It was amazing to see what some of those kids were doing. Colt kept telling me, "I could do that mom!" He can't even ride without training wheels yet! I'm hoping it motivated him to learn to ride his bike!

My sister is in town with her kids and its been great to see them. Last night we went out to dinner with my niece's softball team. I watched them sitting at their table and I could just imagine as if it were yesterday doing the same thing with my softball team. Crazy! All of my sister's friends knew instantly that I was her sister and they thought we looked like twins.

Tonight we went up the freeway a bit to visit my grandparents in their motorhome. We roasted hot dogs and then later roasted marshmallows. Good times. Yummy times!

Of course Colt had to show off his muscles! He strains his face more than his arm when he "flexes"

At one point in the evening Emily aked if she could take some pictures. This is one of the pictures she took of her cousin Mikelle......we may have a budding photographer on our hands!


  1. you are quite the prolific blogger! i can hardly keep up!! love the pics of the crafts that you've done. your parents family room is looking spectacular. i'm looking foward to getting together to do some kind of craft project with you soon!

  2. Looks like you all had's great your sis & fam got to come for a visit!

  3. I'm going to try that canvas thing! I might try it for our dining room! Thanks for the great instructions.


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