Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally......our house plan is COMPLETE!

We did it! Our house plan is complete! Now it is off to the engineer and then another 2 months for permits (gotta love the county!) Of course we still need to sell the house we live in right now. Which looking at the market, probably won't be until next year. But we are ok with that because we know that God is in control and we trust His perfect timing.

So here is a rendering (which I put together) of the front elevation of the house. I had to do this so I could get a visual in my head. These aren't necessarily the doors or colors we will use, but it gives you a basic idea.

Or it could be like this......

What do you think?

This is the floor plan. Yep, we are going one story this time. We are downsizing just a bit (by like 250 sq. ft) compared to the house we live in now. We prioritized and this is what we came up with. I think this is kind of hard to read, but I thought I'd post it anyway. I think if you click on it, it will open up to a bigger size.

I'm just so excited to finally be done making all the plan decisions. It was very stressful and because I suddenly have PMS was emotional. Tonight we are going to the parade of homes to get ideas for the interior! Good times! Speaking of interiors...check out my new link on the left called "Just Beachy" I'm lovin' those interior shots!


  1. love it, shannon! I think if we ever build, i want a one level too. Congrats.

  2. Shannon, found your blog thru Eryn's...I love the house plan, I am all about single level homes. I know a great builder...Oh, nevermind, so do you.
    How do you do those great headers for the blogs? I need hints...
    Trish Hull

  3. trade you countdown secret for your cool header secrets!!

  4. I would love help with a header, I'll scour my photos and send you one.
    here is the web page that I got my count down from. Just copy and past into an "add a page element" and adjust the dates in the language according to what you are counting down to......

  5. Shannon- We have a single story 2800 sq ft home. The only downside is the space it takes up of property. They don't give us much of it down here in hot vegas. We may go back to a 2 story for that very reason, but who knows maybe in a few years I could even talk Matt into moving someplace else all together :-)


  6. You got your counter up and running! Did you use the one I sent you to?
    I downloaded a 30 day trial of illustrator, but have not had a chance to try it out.....

  7. This house plan rocks, its so gorgeous, I will be back in the morning to check out your blog more.


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