Sunday, August 12, 2007

Blast from the Past

On Saturday I went down to the ball fields I spent my summers at as a kid. They had an alumni game down there and I decided I would participate. I haven't played AT ALL since those days. My sister happened to be in town so she played too, and it was a family affair. My dad use to be the president of the place, and then he was the regional junior olympic commissioner.
Anyway, 8 people from my old team showed up and I think about 50 players all together. Many of us wore our old uniform tops! They divided us up into groups...under 40 and over 40...(above you see the under 40 group) then we split into teams. Suddenly there I was playing catch, and taking grounders....I think my knees were literally shaking! The game starts. My sis is pitching and I'm in center field. Wouldn't you know it a pop fly comes my way.......I CAUGHT IT!! HOORAY....I didn't totally make a fool of myself! The girl next to me said, "That was scary, I'm glad it went to you and not me!" That was my only field action for the day. I was up to bat twice, struck out once, and grounded out the last time.....when I say last time I really mean it....I was the last out and we lost! Oh the humanity! How will I ever go on? All in all it was a very fun day....even though I was nervous during most of it! I just loved seeing everyone!

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  1. i am in tears can't sleep, so bummed that i missed all you lovely ladies gosh we are all so good lookin with age! i miss you all!!!!!!!!! thanks shann for being so darn good at theses things it really is soothing for me cause i miss you guys and then i feel a part because of you!


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