Monday, August 13, 2007

Girls & Pirates

I have a couple events coming up that I've been working on. One is my son's 5th birthday party. This year the theme is Pirates. These are the invites I'll be sending out.

I made a "label" for the water bottle, and then I have a mapstyle invite rolled up and placed inside with some sand on the bottom. We will hand deliver the invites.

The next event is the "Nannual Girls Getaway Weekend" that we do every year with family. This is the 5th year we've done it. "Nannual" is in honor of Nanny, my grandmother, the matriarch of the family. Any female who is 18 or over gets to come. There are usually anywhere from 10-12 of us. It's always a blast. I began the tradition 5 years ago because I wanted to have a "right of passage" and family tradition to pass on to my daughter. This year it is my year to host again, along with my mom and my Aunt Judy. We are headed to Seattle where we will be renting a house for the weekend. These are the invites I've designed and am mailing out.

They are double sided. One side it a panoramic pic of Seattle and the other are pics from the last 4 years.

So many more details to plan out for both events. I'll post pics from the events after we've had them.


  1. Dang I want to learn how to design. That is AWESOME Shan.

  2. those are sooo coool! I want to come to the Pirate party (jk...but those are awesome invites!)

  3. We did a pirate party for Trent a couple of years ago. I tore around the map that was inside the bottle and then burned the edges. It was pretty cool... just an idea.

    I love, love, love the Seattle invite.


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