Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rocky & Bullwinkle

Over the weekend my daughter went on a trip with her grandma. They had a great time together at Jack & Olga's. Since she was gone, my son decided that it was his "special weekend"...... we went along with it. On Friday night we let him choose where to go for dinner. He chose his favorite...Rocky's Pizza. Then on Saturday we took him to Bullwinkle's Family Fun Center. He played putt-putt, rode the go-karts and played some games.
Right when we got there I noticed the bumper boats. Along the outside edge they had water sprayers and you could put a quarter in and spray the people in the boats...so I did! Here is the problem though....they boats have sprayers too! And the boat sprayers tip and tilt....sadly mine did not. So I got soaked and looked like I had peed my pants (note the picture of me at the 8th hole to see the wetness!) We topped the evening off with an ice cream cone! Fun was had by all!

Oh, I almost forgot...we ate dinner at Chili's and they have the cutest new desserts! Had to share them with you because it is just such a clever presentation idea for a party....I can't wait to try it out. Mini desserts in tall shot glasses. I don't have any shot glasses around, but I may have to get some...hmmm....votive candle holders might work! Work with what you got! And by the way "NO" I did not have that dessert AND the ice cream.....just the ice cream. (but i really wanted the desserts!)


  1. It did look like fun. Can Colton be any cuter? The picture of the two of you at the eighth hole is so sweet.

  2. Those Chili shots look cool. I saw them when we went to Chili a month or so back and thought they looked "you-ish". And of course the pics of Colt are A-dorable.


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