Thursday, August 9, 2007


Ok, so I've only been blogging for nearly a month now and today I had a very prestigeous honor bestowed upon me....I was featured on Today's Creative Blog When I read her comment letting me know that she had featured me, I felt like Sally Fields at the academy awards "They like me! They really really like me!" (yes, I'm a bit of a dork!) I immediately called my sister to share in my joy!
It looks like Kim from TCB lives around the corner from me! I feel her pain about not having enough scrapbook stores in the area anymore. I'm not so much a scrapbooker as I am a lover of paper itself and everything you can do with it.

So do me a favor and help me thank TCB for the shout out by visiting her blog here

In other news in my life today.....10 hours at the fair with the five kids previously pictured! Can you say EXHAUSTED!

Check back tomorrow for pics from the fair and for pics of a new craft I tried this week...altered tin cans.


  1. so glad that you are excited! Love all your creativity. We are headed to the fair today. It's going to be a long day for sure.
    So funny that you had the Sid Dickens memory blocks in mind. I have 6 so far, but of course I get a discount or I wouldn't buy them. A friend of mine owns GREGS in Portland.

  2. You do some beautiful very artistic stuff and I am jealous. I have very little artistic talents. I am working on it but not quite there yet. Maybe if we are ever able to get out of the house we are in now so I could work part time...but it is all just a dream at this point. I have our wedding invite you did with one of our pics from the reception in our living room. I have gotten more savy with making my own cards but photoshop still drives me nuts sometimes. you'll just have to come down to vegas for a visit and teach some fun crafts!!

  3. congrats, shannon! That's awesome! So let's see more stuff! :)


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