Saturday, August 11, 2007

Out of Batteries

The pics I promised for today will have to wait, because my camera is out of batteries. I was also gone all day and will be tomorrow. Which reminds me that I NEED BATTERIES for tomorrow!!!

Why you ask? Because tomorrow I'm playing in an alumni softball game down at the old softball fields. I'm so excited because 10 of my old teammates are going down there to play as well. We are gonna be totally cheesy and wear our old uniform tops too! It's gonna be a kick in the pants. This was back in the day when teams were named after actual sponsors and didn't have snazzy names like "Synergy". Nope, we were just good old Columbia Roofing...we liked to be called "Roofing" or "CR". So I need batteries to take pics! Then I have to rush from the game over to church where I'm coordinating a wedding reception. Busy, busy, busy!

Had fun going out tonight with my sister and her high school buddies. I was the little "freshman" tag along. (I was a freshman when they were seniors) It was fun! But now it is late, my belly is bloated from pizza and ice cream and I should go ni-night!

I will try to post the promised pics tomorrow, but I will for sure do it by Sunday!

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