Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Now & Then

This is taken from a book called, "How to Raise a Modern Day Knight". It is crazy how much our world has changed. Below is a list of the top 7 reported issues, crimes or offenses in schools during the year mentioned. This compares 1940 to 1980.


1. talking out of turn
2. chewing gum
3. making noise
4. running in the halls
5. cutting in line
6. violating dress code
7. littering

40 years later in 1980

1. drug abuse
2. alcohol abuse
3. pregnancy
4. suicide
5. rape
6. robbery
7. assualt


  1. Hey Shannon! thanks so much for the awesome header, I LOVE it.

    These stats are amazing, you kind of remind me of Kainu quoting stuff like this! :)

  2. That's scary stuff. Wonder what it'll be in 2010? Or now, for that matter!

  3. It is the same now. I hate that I see this stuff with work everyday. Makes me want to move to the far out country where the worst thing that happens is cow tipping...unfortunately I think these things are everywhere now.

    Cute Header on Eryn's page by the way. Now that i have my computer back I need to work on my photoshop to possibly make a personalized header.


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