Friday, August 24, 2007

Parade of Homes

My hubby and I went to the parade of homes a couple of nights ago. I wanted to share some of the pics with you. The very last house on the tour was right up my alley! LOVED IT!

I love this door style! Wanted it for my current house but couldn't find it! I like when there are more panels too!

ok, this was a kids playroom. It was the most adorable thing EVER! Look at the scale of the couches compared to the window bench! They were beautiful couches but they were child size. Then on each side wall of the playroom they had the desks and cubbie bookcase. I was drooling!

This was the den....I TRIPLE LOVE this color!

This glass tile wall in the master bath was so beautiful.

Family Room

I just loved the feel of this house. The color scheme....I'm totally stealing it. I've got a printed list from the designer! Walking through that house just made me happy!


  1. We're going tonight! My favorite part is stealing the paint colors. It makes it so much easier when it comes time to paint. My entire next house is going to be that blue/gray color :-)

  2. I need that blue color too- please give it to me. Thanks

  3. Shannon~ We loved some of the same things. The play room/rec room was fantastic! And Devine has two colors similar to the den...Steamer and Almond. I've used them both in our new house and LOVE going in those rooms!


  4. i'm seriously, sick with envy. oh poop, that's a sin right? I sooo want to get my house furnished and decorated. I can't stand feeling so 'undecorated' and incomplete. I'm learning contentment. It just takes time.

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Oh this house is so incredible, now my place feels like a dump.

  6. This house is beautiful. Did you find out the den wall color???? I would love to know what it is - I've been thinking of painting a room in that color scheme.

    Nice to stumble onto your beautiful blog. I'm having fun ready through all your past posts! Thanks! Molly


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