Friday, August 24, 2007

4 wheelin'

We are heading out for the weekend to go 4 wheelin' We have our new fifth wheel too. We were just sitting around today trying to figure out what to do tonight and my hubby said, "let's go camping!" So we are being spontaneous! It's our first trip out with the 4 wheelers so it should be lots of fun!
I'll blog about our adventure when I get back!

By the way, I added a site meter to my blog to let me know how many visits I get in a day...I had over 60 just today! Who are all you people? If I know you let me know you are checking out my blog by leaving comments! And if I don't know you...leave comments too so I can check out your blog!
Later Blogger Buds!


  1. It is me, I check out your blog about 55 times a day because I am obsessed with your page. But I don't know who the other 5 people are who visit ;-)

  2. I love that you call them 4-wheelers. It seems the yuppy word around here is quads. I grew up on them and back home, if you said quad, people would think you were talking about a person who couldn't move their arms or legs.

  3. I know.. kind of a secret world out there, huh.

    Well, I'm Erin, close friend of Kelli S. Just browsin' her friends. And yes, your site caught my eye. Great header! ..and beautiful fam.

    This whole blogging thing still facinates me. Sort of like reality tv close to home. I jumped in not to long ago. How to keep up?

    Site Tracker.. great idea.

    Thanks for breaking the ice.. take care.

  4. that is what is so addicting, what the previous poster said, it IS 'like reality TV close to home'. Following strangers and not-so strangers blogs, getting to know their families. Creepy, but fun! ;) I'm hooked.

  5. Hey Shannon,
    I am finally checking out your site!


  6. that would give me such a heart attack! I wish I could be more relaxed when it comes to adventure.....I'm ok doing it, but not having my son. You should see me when we go boating.

    Love that house too from the Street of Dreams. WOW! Also, love your plans. That will be so exciting.

  7. Shannon,
    I love checking out your blog. Such fun stuff. It's like a Shannon Magazine. Lots of fun ideas and inspiration! Love the pirate party idea stuff. I saw a great pirate cake today and thought of you. You probably did something more fabulous than this with your cake decor skills, but I thought it was cute. and so easy!

    Also love your idea of the girl's weekend away. What an inspiration! My family needs to do it. Just need to make it a priority I guess.

    Thanks for all you are posting and doing and sharing. It's fun to get to know you more through the blog.

    Michelle Picinich


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