Monday, September 3, 2007

This is my kind of "Camping"

We had a great weekend camping with our good friends the Blanchettes. I like to call them "The Chetties". We were laughing at ourselves at one point because we were "camping" but we had a lot of technology hanging around. We were listening to music from our ipods that was playing over the speaker systems in our RV's. We had our laptops and The Chetties even brought an entertainment system so we could watch movies on a big screen! Ladies....this is my kind of camping!! I personally do not like to rough it!

When we weren't "roughing it" we were riding bikes, swimming, shopping, playing games, and just hanging out, and The Chetties brought their pocket bikes! FUN!

We recently bought a new RV. One that would work for us to camp in with our 4 wheelers as well as to be functional for us to live in while we build the new house. Don't get whip lash going back to read the last sentence....yes, I said LIVE IN! are the pics of the new RV which is also my kind of camping! We use the 4 wheeler garage as the kids bedroom and that way everybody has privacy! You need privacy if you are going to LIVE IN IT for like 8 months or so!

So we came home, unpacked and the kids and I did a craft to give their teachers at open house tomorrow! I'll post pics in the morning!


  1. Wow, that is my kind of camping too!!! Can't wait to see the craft for the teachers. I love your new header. It is so cool. I am still looking for the "perfect" picture to send you for my header. Happy "Back to school" to you all!

  2. I just might be able to camp, that way!

  3. Shannon what kind of toy hauler do you have? Matt and I have been talking about getting one here in the near future.


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